Our group meetings definitely had a slow start. To continue with the metaphor, this group has run a come-from-behind race. We were full of good intentions from the beginning, though. We busily scheduled group-naming and group-getting-to-know each other meetings, even holding them at fun places like Lakota and Country Kitchen. However, attendance was poor despite the food incentive. Overall productivity was poor, too, as conversations invariably drifted away from organic chemistry. This is an example of why our whole group experience can be described by "the best of intentions..."

We planned to work, we meant to work, in fact, we were determined to work hard early, and finish stress-free, ahead of the deadline, with a BANG(snhr)-up web page. But our daily planners seldom had the same slots open, our other classes had exams (What?! We have classes other than Chemistry 210?!), and, yes, the weather outside has been beautiful. Finally, though, with the deadline looming ahead, BANGSNHR got serious and devoted big blocks of time to campus computer labs. What had been weekly postponed and rescheduled group socials lasting an hour or two became multi-hour nightly meetings with every group member present during the last week of the project. By now, we were all business. There was no time wasted; we only talked to offer encouragement when the screens froze up, announced they couldn't access or load a site, or anything else prompted us to switch computers. The time we devoted to this project was infinite--hours spent in a computer lab multiply, and this phenomenon was exaggerated by the stress of our initial internet ignorance.