You might die using hair dye! Group Name: The Magnificent DNN formerly known as "DANAN".

Nicole served as the peanut butter and jelly that sandwiched Darren and Nikita into the formation of this group. Amanda and Alex were initially the two A's in DANAN, but hopefully we will pick up three "A's" for our outstanding work on this project.

Group Members
        Perry, Darren, c643300
	Mapp, Nikita, c669182
	White, Nicole, c663138

Group Meetings

We were an awe-inspiring group, managing to devote all of our time and effort to this wonderful class and project! We met weekly at various prestigious locations both on and off campus. Initially, we set out to analyze the effects of various chemicals on the brain (predominately alkohols). Afterwards we would stumble into the computer lab to find sites relating to our intensive study. We didn't succeed.

Therefore we decided to meet again to find a way to get smart-and lo and behold-we did! All of us want to do well not only in this class, but in the future, therefore the 'smart drug' offered the best solution.

Project Title and Description

You might die using hair dye!

We selected the topic of lead acetate in hair dyes because hair dyes are commonly used by all people and little is known about the harmful effects of such products. In order to find useful and informative sites relating to the dangers of hair dye, we used various search engines like Lycos, Yahoo!, Excite, Infoseek, and WebCrawler. Each member spent approximately 5-6 hours surfing the web using keywords like "lead acetate" and "hair dyes". As a whole, the Magnificent DNN spent two weeks polishing and editing to obtain the finished product.

Americans use products daily that contain lead acetate. There are several products commonly used in which lead acetate is an ingredient. Lead acetate is a crystalline structure that resembles a colorful work by the world renown Pablo Picasso. Even though lead acetate is pretty to look at, a suprisingly small concentration of this pretty chemical is extremely dangerous. At-home hair dye kits are often contaminated by this deadly chemical. Although lead acetate has always been an ingredient in common household products, it has recently put a scare into the public concerning haircolor. When a person dyes their hair, the chemical process involves lead acetate coating the hair shaft inside and out until the desired color is reached. Though you may acquire a new look, you may be putting you and your family members at risk due to hair dye dangers. Not only does hair dye cause lead poisoning, it is also a known carcinogen. For this reason, a common hair dye maker was sued by an environmental group due to lack of warnings. We cruised through these sites in order to show you how seriousness of this problem. As you have learned from these sites, hair dyes have been linked to brain damage, birth defects, and cancer. Now would you want to be at this great of risk and not even know it?

Group Dynamics

We worked through many trials and tribulations before reaching our final submission. We had initial setbacks that occurred before we even really got started on the project. Without finding other students to join our group, we decided that threes is a company and four is a crowd anyway and got to work. This was an advantage because it was easier to meet and incorporate our ideas, yet the workload was great. With such a vast amount of information on the web, it was difficult to narrow the information with only three people searching for topics. In some ways, we felt we each had more input and say in the process. Each member was an integral part of the group. Our group meetings were pretty much reserved for work on the project because of time and manpower. Yet, we each feel as though we have benefited from the experience and we are going to get together to study and help answer each other's questions for future class work. In conclusion, we would definitely work in groups again.