Getting Smart The Easy Way Group Name: Kothoga

Kothoga is the name of an African Devil God. In the movie 'The Relic' it was also used to refer to a higher evolved, but highly unstable being (obviously an organic chemistry student).

Group Members

Here's the story of a group named Kothoga, who were forced to do a group project. They were five kids, not living together, but they all loved Glaser.

Til that one day when the Appletons met Sarah and Catherine, and they knew that it was much more than a hunch, that this group must somehow stick together, and that is how we became this crazy bunch!

The official members of our group are: Brian Appleton, Jim Appleton, Sandy Appleton, Sarah Duey, and Catherine Duenne. Unofficially, Sandy's three imaginary friends provided great insights and Brian and Jim's alternate personalities as Batman and Robin managed to fight off the forces of evil to allow us to finish our project without hassle.

Appleton, Brian    c641817
Appleton, James    c643037
Appleton, Sandra   c663680
Duenne, Catherine  c668994
Duey, Sarah        c666388

Group Meetings

We were an awe-inspiring group, managing to devote all of our time and effort to this wonderful class and project! We met weekly at various prestigious locations both on and off campus. Initially, we set out to analyze the effects of various chemicals on the brain (predominately alkohols). Afterwards we would stumble into the computer lab to find sites relating to our intensive study. We didn't succeed.

Therefore we decided to meet again to find a way to get smart-and lo and behold-we did! All of us want to do well not only in this class, but in the future, therefore the 'smart drug' offered the best solution.

Project Title and Description

Getting Smart the Easy Way

With all of the stress that college students have to face on a daily basis (i.e. studying for chemistry), it is almost impossible to keep up with the outrageous demands of MU professors. Therefore, a small, cute little pick me up is in order. Rather than giving up precious and rare moments of sleep, we suggest the smart pill. It is fast, easy, and we have located all the information you need via the World Wide Web in order to get smart fast! In searching for these wonderful sites, we brought out the surf boards and surfed the web! We mainly used that handy little tool called Excite! to help us catch some narly waves and cool places to hang ten following the totally radical surf.

First of all, one needs to determine if they really need the smart pill (all of you people with A+s don't get the smart pill). You can do this by taking an IQ test, and other brainteasers. After you have determined that your brainpower isn't quite up to par, we have all the sites you could possibly want to get smarter the fast and fun way-by popping pills! The Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute has a really spiffy cool newsletter that tells you a little of the history and answers FAQs about smart drugs. It also tells how it can help with various diseases, like Downs, Alzheimer's, and chronic stupidity. Also, it would be helpful to learn about any controversy that may be surrounding the smart pill and there is such a site with some interesting food for thought. After discovering all this cool info, you will want to learn how to get and use the drug-right? Well, it is not as easily accessible as that alley behind Schnucks that sells lots of good happy pills, but you can find out how to get it. Then go see exactly which organ the smart pill affects (no, not that, it is your brain). As you might have expected, those nice guys in the government have something to say about smart pills. Go check out their opinion!

Group Dynamics

In closing, our group played together very well, with only three cat fights, all instigated by Sandy's imaginary friend Sally, who needs the smart pill and was feeling left out. Unfortunately, Sally was attacked by a strange creature. We did the unthinkable. We brought it-Kothoga-back, and it is still out there! All of you unfortunate Chemistry students BEWARE! There is a site that will help you to identify this scary being, but you won't be able to escape from it's wrath.