Ozone Group Name: The Chemist

It is clear from the Group Name that it just has one member. I formed a group at the beginning of the course and I called them looking forward to have a meeting with them, but they did not return my messages. about a week from the due date I talked to one of them and he told me that they joined a different group and left me with no partners, I was shocked. I tried to join another group but nobody retuned my e-mails, because most group were partially done with their project, so they did not feel that they need any new members. So I decided after discussing my problem with Dr.Glaser that I will form my own group.

Group Members

Mostafa Alshami(677005)

Group Meetings

That is the funny part, this is the best group in meetings, because I meet with my self all of the time. I worked on the project farely hard, because I had to do everything alone. It took me the whole spring break to finish the project. To be accurate I worked about one and a half to two hours daily. I usually worked in the arts and science computer lab. Sometimes I just went to the library to read about the subject I will write about to have a general idea about the whole thing.

Project Title and Description


Ozone is a very important compound located in the stratosphere, but it is very dangerous if located in the troposphere. In the stratosphere (upper atmosphere) ozone shields the earth from damaging ultraviolet radiation. However, in the troposphere, ozone acts as a pollutant. It affects plants, materials, and eventually health. So as much as we try to protect the ozone in the upperatmosphere from the VOC's (volatile organic compounds), we try to eliminate the ozone from the lower atmosphere. I used the net search with yahoo and excite, all what I did is typing ozone and organic and I got good results.

The best site I have found is named Ozone. This site is very interesting because it shows the whole subject briefly with enough links that discuss the subject in more details. The site that showed how bad ozone is to be exposed to is named Effects of Ozone Pollution. those two sites will be enough to give a good idea about the Ozone and when it is good or bad.

Group Dynamics

I think that working with a group will result in a better work. That is because of the sharing of the idea with other people. For me working alone was very hard because I was very confused about the project. I did not fully understand what to do, if I had a group that would never happened. Working alone will make u work harder and get an OK output.