Peer Assessment of Group 25 Peer Assessment of Group 25

Category G16 G17 G18 G19 G20 Average
Visual Appeal 7 7 8 3 3 -
Content 7 6 9 3 2 -
WWW Suitability 7 7 8 2 7 -
Relevance to 210 7 8 8 3 2 -
Personal Gain 10 8 9 4 7 -
TOTAL from Peers 38 36 42 15 21 30
Technical Merit 30
TOTAL for GP 60

Evaluation by Group 16
(1) Group Number and Group Name of Evaluators

Our group name is Broken Beakers and our group number is 16.

(2) Group Number and Group Name of Evaluees

The group we evaluated was group 25 and their name was The Chemist.

Visual appeal  7

You only had one site that worked, and the only thing that was visually
appealing was the picture of the upper respiratory system.

Content  7

You did not have that much content at all.

WWW Suitability  7

Only one site worked, and the information on that site wasn't enough.
Relevance to 210  7

You did not show any chemical structures or really any relation to

Personal Gain  10

Total from Peers  38 

Comments:  This site needed more sites and information relevant to

Evaluation by Group 17
(1)	17, Catalytic Cretins
(2)	25, The Chemist
(3)	Visual appeal: 7
(4) 	Content of site: 6
(5)	WWW suitability: 7
(6)	Relevance to chem 210: 8
(7)	Personal gain: 8

Comments:  Although the number of links was lacking we were still able
to learn something new.  Needed more graphics and overall information. 
Good try, we admire strength in the face of adversity.

Evaluation by Group 18
(1)  18, Six String 

(2)  25, The Chemist

(3)  Visual Appeal of Site:  8 Points
Only being able to evaluate one site, it still was appealing and
easy to follow.

(4)  Content of Site:  9 Points
The content available was good but there were only two links and
the best one was unavailable through no fault of his own.

(5)  WWW Suitability:  8 Points
The information available can be found in books and journals but it
is nice to see on the internet.  

(6)  Relevance to Chem 210:   8 Points
After looking hard for any relevance to "210", we found that the
connectivity and the  resonance structures of the ozone molecule is
something we covered in class.  Ozone doesn't contain any carbons;
therefore, makes it hard to
relate to organic chemistry.  

(7)  Personal Gain:  9 Points
Our group pretty much knew about the ozone, but this site gave a
little more useful information regarding pollutants.  
NOTE:  We did not grade this site as hard as the others because Mostafa
was by himself.  We know how hard this project was and it would have been
very difficult to accomplish with no other group members.    

Evaluation by Group 19
1)  Group 19:  Flaming Dog Poo and the Human Response

2)  Group 25:  The Chemist

3)  Visual appeal of the Site:  3 points
Only one picture.  Other than that, not a whole lot to go on.

4)  Content of the Site:  3 points
The one site that did work was informative and easily understandable.
However, there could have been much more information presented on the

5)  WWW Suitability:  2 points
Only one site was valid.  Although it presented good information, and the
background on the Group page was good, more links would have helped out in
this area.

6)  Relevance to Chem 210:  3 points
The link about VOCs within the one link is the only thing that mentions
organic chemistry.  Makin this a separate link would have helped.

7)  Personal Gain:  4 points
The information that was presented was important.  The link was easy to
understand, but more links and more information would have been much

Evaluation by Group 20
1.  Group 20 - psyched
2.  Group 25 The Chemist
3.  Visual appeal - score 3
Lacking in all areas.
4.  Content - score 2
There should be more sites available on such a popular subject.
5.  Suitability - score 7
Unbiased ozone information should be more accessible on the web, making
it relevant for this medium.
6.  Relevance - score 2
Did not make a case for relevance.
7.  Gain - score 7
Ozone affects each of us and is an important issue.
Total = 21