Search Strategies

Basic seaching strategies were employed by the members of What's That Smell??? At first, we searched for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, as that was our first idea. However, after it appeared more and more that PAHs were a bad idea, one of the group members remembered Dr. Glaser's mentioning of the "spinning caffeine" and "the favorite molecule." These were brought to the attention of the group, and, after discussing other alternatives such as BST (bovine somatotropin) and some food chemistry, it was agreed that we would pick a single molecule. I (Joe) mentioned THC just as a whimsical idea, and there was some resistance. However, after searching for information on THC, we agreed that it was a good choice.

We searched for information using various internet search engines, such as Infoseek, Webcrawler, and Lycos. Lycos was exceptionally good as it allows searches specifically for WWW pictures and sounds. Lycos provided us with our full-page picture of THC.

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Group Dynamics

Several key aspects of our group dynamics are worth mentioning. First, it seemed that no one wanted to make any decisions. Ofttimes, the group would just be recycling the same statement over and over. This is highlighted by the fact that we had but three meetings, which were sparsely attended. Carrie is the only one who attended every scheduled meeting. This project had to "take a back seat" to other, more important items on the agenda.

We generally worked well together, but it was unanimously agreed that each of us worked best individually. The idea of "forced group learning" was uncomfortable at best, frightful at worst. This is something that I would not prefer to do again, as it seemed to take more time, worry, and effort than even an exam.

A positive result of our group learning, however, was the creation of a study group between Carrie, Sam, and myself (Joe). We have this class together, in addition to Cell Biology. Since we had an exam during the course of this project, the project group facilitated the formation of our study group while giving us a chance to be exposed to each other under "cramming" conditions. Therefore, this chemistry project was not a total loss, but I, along will the others, would prefer not to do this again.

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Group Formation and Meetings


Our group was formed by the conjunction of two un-official pre-groups. Andy Reinhart and Traci Roberts were looking for three people, and Sam Medaris, Carrie Wessler, and I (Joe Turner) were looking for two other people. Sam and I knew Andy from a Freshman Interest Group that were members of in the fall of 1995. Therefore, we all congealed into the current group.


Our first meeting was in Brady Commons, and we met for a brief time to discuss possible ideas and to introduce everyone. Our next four schedule meetings were cancelled due to extenuating circumstances; however, we continued to use e-mail as a source of communication. On February 24th, we met for two hours at Brady Commons, after settling on our idea, to compile the sites that we had found and delegate work. Carrie wrote the section on Group Meetings and Formation (this page), Sam wrote the body of the index page, Traci and Andy chose the sites and graphics, and I coded the pages into HTML. In addition, we met all day on March 1st at Sam Medaris' house to conduct a final edit of the page, resulting in its current form.

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THC is a site everyone should hit

Welcome! You have entered the realm of organic chemistry. How about a little marijuana--actually, THC, or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. For starters, take a look at a space-filling model so that you'll know exactly what we're talking about.

The Science of THC

We suppose you may know some basics on our beloved THC, but for more in-depth, scientific understanding, try clicking at any of the following well-researched sites:

The Recreational Use of THC

Now that you know more than you possibly want to know about the science of THC, we can move on to the higher aspects of THC. For a grab-bag of THC uses, this is the way to go.

The Dangers of Using THC

Marijuana use isn't all fun and games, however. Check out some of the acute effects of marijuana.

Other THC Information

We will close out this page with an opportunity to broaden your mind and take a trip outside the world of bong hits and chemical data. Check out The Enlightener.

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