Our first meeting commenced on February 27th at Brady Commons.  There, we   brainstormed for a topic and collectively chose to study pheromones and charged  each member with the responsibility of surfing the internet on an individual basis  for suitable web sites.  We decided to schedule a formal meeting on March 3rd at  the Physics computer lab, which is relatively easy for all members to get to.  (We  actually had many difficulties finding a time slot that would agree with everyoneísí  schedules; it seemed like everyone had academic, personal, or work responsibilities  at different times.)  Heineken met five days later at 4:00 p.m. as planned and began  with a discussion of the sites everyone had found.  Together, we looked at the  various findings and decided which would be the most relevant and aesthetically  pleasing to the potential viewers.  This meeting lasted for about one-and-a-half  hours and was concluded when members had to leave for tests and other prior  engagements.  The third meeting of Heineken took place on March 5, again at the  Physics computer lab.  After a couple of hours, the group had decided on the material and building the web page began.  (We extend our thanks to Mike Kimberlin for help with the web page design.)