California Sunrise Group Name: Gaseous Anomalies

Our group was formed by searching the home page. There were several e-mail messages sent before the group finally came together but we seemed to have done a good job working together. We have to admit that we kind of waited until the last minute, but we all kept thinking that the best were saved for last! After several phone calls and messages, we all became the "Gaseous Anomalies".

Group Members
     Blando, Catrina,
     Taylor, Carrie
     Newman, Rachel
     Aujla, Mona
     Nguyen, Minh-Ducta

Group Meetings

Our first meeting was at the library and it lasted for about a half an hour. We were all meeting each other for the first time and getting to know one another, as well as picking our topic. We decided to do some research and meet again at Brady to compile all of our information. We were there for almost an hour talking about all of the cool things that we found. This was the time that we decided to meet next in the Physics computer lab and search the web sites that we had all found. Then we decided on what sites we were going to include in our report and began typing! We camped out at the lab for an hour and a half and finally sent in our masterpiece!

Project Title and Description

California Sunrise

California Sunrise, Blue Star, Purple Om...Whatever way you say it, it is most commonly known as LSD. We chose this topic because this drug is very interesting. There are many things about LSD that many people don't know about. We searched many sites on the web, and we finally came up with some that we really found interesting. We used Yahoo, Excite, and Webcrawler. You wouldn't believe all of the information we found! Contrary to everyone's belief, we did not chose this because we are all Dead Head's! We thought that we could educate the class on the effects of LSD along with the chemistry that makes up the psychedelic drug. We hope you like "taking the trip" with us.

Albert Hofmann discovered the molecule d-lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD-25) and did many experiments to try and explain the effects it has on humans. When used it is almost always swallowed and can have dramatic effects on the mind and body. When a person takes a trip on LSD, it is like "having your brain wrapped around the universe" as described by one contributor to an LSD site LSD can be chemically synthesized but it is very illegal. It is just one more drug that adds to the overwhelming problem in the U.S. Now test your knowledge of LSD by taking "The Acid Test" Good Luck!!

Group Dynamics

This group activity was a fun and interesting thing to do. All of the members in our group worked well together and we all got along while doing it! We feel that we benefited from working on the web and in our group, but we are all so busy that it was a little bit difficult to get together a lot. If we were to have a choice as to whether we had to do another group project, we would probably say no because of the hectic schedule problem. However, we all feel that we have learned a lot and maybe even made new friends while doing it.