1. Our Group's name is "CHEMISTRY FREAKS"
  2. And those Freaks are:
    1. ANDREW IVANOV , c680789,
    2. CHRISTOPHER COMO , c640687,
    3. LAURIE BIGUS , c639974,
    4. WILLIAM KIRBY , c643349,
    5. OTHMAN YAMAN , c705449,
  3. About the formation of the group: well, i think we met like alomst all other groups: Laurie posted a message on Showme that she was looking for a members of her group, I, Andrew, answered it and later, again, through Showme, found William and Chris. Later, before first test, i found Othman standing outside classroom and looking for a group.

  4. We meet usually once a week, to discuss what we found on different topics and think what to do later. All previous meeting were in Ellis, but the last one, when we finally came to a decision, i decided to do on Showme. I open connections to them through Showme talk. Previous meetings were about 15-20 minutes in duration, but the last one was almost an hour.



    Probably not many of you recognise the molecule on the background of this home page. It's the same molecule that was on the test..It's LSD.

    The reason why we decided to go with this molecule is just because... we are college students, we live our lives, and in those lives we have some choices: go to a party or go to study, what major to choose....and one of those choices might be to use or not to use drugs....Information, provided on this page, will tell you what you are going to get when you use LSD, and what is it worth to have few good trips It was easy to find information on this topic, we just went to Yahoo and looked for LSD, or, to get better results, for chemistry:lsd. Then we just had to decide, which sites to choose.

    • http://www.flashback.se/archive/my_problem_child/foreword.html It might not be intresting for some people, this site doesn't contain pictures, just text. This is a history of LSD creation, written by the chemist, who discovered LSD. It contains a lot of chemistry, though.

    • http://users.deltanet.com/~lauff270/narcotics.hallucinogens/hallucin.html This site contains police information: Information, prices, effects, kinds of LSD sourses.
    • http://www.l0pht.com/~bb/drugs/lsd.html This might be called A page of FAQ: it contains almost 300K on text on what is LSD, it's effects, and , what is most intresting: how to make LSD. Only for chemistry majors, please.
    • http://www.cs.hmc.edu/~ivl/text/lsd/index.html This is the most intresting site. This is a project of medical school student on effects of LSD on humans brain, basicly, how does it work. It's very intresting, just read it...it might be a little bit hard to understand , but still it's worth trying.

      Working in a group is good. Very good. You meet new people, talk a lot, if you can't make it to the review, your partner will share his.her notes with you. If you dont' understand something, people can help you. The idea of working in groups is good, but still, it won't be able to replace self study.