Olestra: Too good to be true? Group Name: W.L.O.C. (We Love Organic Chemistry)

It all started at Blair Oaks High School in Jefferson City where the two Jennifers went to school together. The two Jennifers decided to further their education at the University of Missouri. Jennifer H. lived in Lathrop Hall on the same floor as Sheri. Amy and Sheri were introduced to each other by Amy's roommate, who is a MU cheerleader with Sheri. We donŐt know where the hell Paul came from.

Group Members
	Sheri Dietz            666705
	Jennifer Hoelscher     667712
	Jennifer Luebbert      664135
	Paul Mueller	       701593
	Amy Sawyer	       663943

Group Meetings

We have been meeting twice a week for three weeks. Each time we met we worked for about two hours at Physics computer lab or in Brady Commons.

Project Title and Description

Olestra: Too good to be true?

We chose olestra because we are concerned with our health and olestra is an exciting new chemical that could change the world of food. We thought by doing this web page, we could explore the health benefits and risks of this controversial substance. We used Yahoo, Excite, Webcrawler, and Chemfinder to find interesting links on olestra.

Olestra is a fat substitute which is not absorbed by the body, therefore it does not have the adverse effect of weight gain. Olestra is also called by its name brand Olean and its chemical name sucrose polyester. The physical structure of olestra is what makes it different from normal fat. Unfortunately, this difference not only creates positive side effects, but many adverse side effects. For those of you who are bored with the scientific view of olestra, check out David Letterman's point of view.

Group Dynamics

Our group worked well together with a positive attitude on this project. We used everyone's talents while working on this project and shared our questions on problems from class. It was very helpful to hear each other's suggestions and we solved a lot of problems together. The only problem we had in doing all of this was that it was hard to find time when we could all be available. It was helpful to learn from each other, but we don't think that time would allow us to engage in another project such as this one.