Peer Assessment of Group 6, Chemical Activity Peer Assessment of Group 6
Chemical Activity

Category G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 Average
Visual Appeal 7 9 8 5 7 -
Content 9 7 9 6 7 -
WWW Suitability 7 10 10 6 8 -
Relevance to 210 10 9 10 10 7 -
Personal Gain 8 8 9 7 7 -
TOTAL from Peers 41 43 46 35 36 40
Technical Merit 50
TOTAL for GP 90

Evaluation by Group 1
1)	Group number and Name of Evaluators:  Group 1, Silly Putty

2)	Group Number and Name of Evaluees:  Group 6, Chemical Activity

3)	Visual Appeal of Site:	7 points
	Most of your sites were just informational ones regarding
	simplesse.  Not much visual appeal although the cheese was pretty

4)	Content of Site:  9 points
	Great information!!  Your site might have benefitted by cutting
	down on the vast amount of knowledge you presented.  

5)	WWW Suitability:  7 points
	Most of your information could have been presented through books.
	Again, the cheese was great.

6)	Relevance to Chem 210:  10 points

7)	Personal Gain:  8 points
	Very interesting topic, although it was a little tough to read
	through the sites with pages and pages of information.    

TOTAL POINTS:	41 points

Evaluation by Group 2

(1) Group Number and Group Name of Evaluators
group 2 the mds2b

(2) Group Number and Group Name of Evaluees
group 6 chemical activity

(3) Visual Appeal of Site: 
the cheese pics were good.  the fat link had no visual appeal  but
still had good info. 

(4) Content of Site: 7 
The ice cream site had no content at all.  the fake fat site was OK but
perphaps a more detailed site should have been found.  

(5) WWW Suitability: 10
The description pulled together lots of different sites that could not be
found in any one source. this is why we thought it deserved a max rating.
we could not have found this info so easily in traditional media.

Relevance to Chem 210:  
9  Many of the chem 210 students will use the knowledge they gain in a
health or health related profession therefore info about nutrition is
peritnent to the class.

 (7) Personal Gain: 8 
It was interesting but some of the sites were lacking in content.

Special note:  one of their sites doesn't work because of an error in
html--it should be an absolute, not a relative, link.  this should be

total 43 points

Evaluation by Group 3
1.  Evaluators:  Group Number 3 "The Nomamers"
	*Jamie Joyce
	*Jaime Arnesmeyer
	*Todd Robison
	*Rebecca Melichar
	*Erika Byerly
	*Catherine Williams

2.  Evaluees:  Group Number 6  "Chemical Activity

3.  Visual Appeal of Site:  8 pts

4.  Content of Site:  9 pts

5.  WWW Suitability:  10 pts

6.  Relevance to Chem 210:  10 pts

7.  Personal Gain:  9 pts

Some of the sites were very colorful but had nothing to do with chemistry.
Those applying to the topic were a little drab.  The topic was

Evaluation by Group 4
(1) Group Number and Group Name of Evaluators
Group #4, The Bomb Squad

(2) Group Number and Group Name of Evaluees
Group 6, Chemical Activity

(3) Visual Appeal of Site: 5 Points 
The sites were plain and uninteresting.  The plain gray backgrounds on two
sites were not eye catching and did not want to make us read on about more

(4) Content of Site: 6 Points 
Ice cream pictures of the Friends cast was not relevant.  Neither was
magnified pictures of the cheese.  It's true that cheese contains fat but
the site did not pertain to your subject

(5) WWW Suitability: 6 Points
Most of the info could have been presented within a couple of pages of
notes.  We did not gain much from reading this info on the web.

(6) Relevance to Chem 210: 10 Points 
It is very relevant to Chem 210.  It is discussing the chemistry of the
and substitutes.  It shows the molecules and is related too chemistry.

(7) Personal Gain: 7 Points 
We learned some about fat and fat substitutes but there was not a lot of
info available.  Only 3 links were relevant to the site and one was not
working.  Otherwise each site presented suitable amounts of info.

Evaluation by Group 5
1) Group #5 Oranganic Freshness
2) Evaluated groups 6-10
   Group 6-Chemical Activity
 		Visual Appeal-7
		WWW suitability-8
		Relevance to chem210-7
		Personal Gain-7

	Comments:  Not many relevant graphics.  The information was more
relevant to biology than to organic chemistry.  Compared to the other
group projects, this group appeared to have done the minimal amount of
work required.