The Breast - Friend or Foe Group Name: Freak Accident

How can we describe a "freak accident"? Well.... Once upon a time, right at the beginning of class (Chem 210, that is), Jess and Martha were sitting among a cluster of people discussing groups, and so it began. Four Sundays, three pizzas and one spaceball later, a group project was born. It really is as simple as that, nothing more.

Group Members
	Cooke, Deborah
	Farnan, Jamie
        Hufford, Martha
        Newton,  Leslie
	Sears, Jessica
	Sial, Farina

Group Meetings

First we elected executive positions.
Jessica is our satellite, literally. She is in charge of internal communications.
Deborah is our entertainment chair.
Leslie is "chair" of the housing commitee.
Martha is head of manufacturing (as in the final product).
Jamie is commander in chief of the war department (a.k.a. referee).
Farina is in charge of public relations.

Our group meetings were held in the main office of the head of our housing commitee (her apartment). The executive meetings were summoned on Sunday nights and began sometime between 6:00 and 8:00 (we were always getting the starting times confused). We worked for approximately three hours each session. We all got along so well, we also met at other times to study together. In addition, we each had individual "surf" time throughout the week.

Project Title and Description

The Breast - Friend or Foe

We were trying to find a common thread between us, and the most obvious one was our gender. So we picked a topic concerning women. The searches we used were the Lycos picture search and YAHOO! (Deb squealing YAHOO! at the top of her lungs wil be forever embedded in our brains). Beware when researching this topic, because entering "breast" will give you just that.

Before we start our discussion of breast cancer, lets look at the facts. Most women under the age of forty don't have a significant risk of getting breast cancer. This fact sheet should help answer any questions. There is new research to show there are genes that could cause a greater tendency for breast cancer. One of these is BRCA1. We found a website that contains some further information and a diagram of the gene. Where does the chemistry come in? Genes are made up of DNA molecules and there is a wonderful website with a picture of a DNA molecule. Now here's the atomically correct version. Maybe gene therapy could be an alternative to mammography.

Group Dynamics

Where do we begin? While spending time together, we expanded our horizons outside the realm of chemistry. From Deb, we learned the art of breaking in a cap and how the east coast ROCKS! Leslie provided alternative nomenclature for organic chemistry including "lethyl" groups. From Farina, we learned about arranged marriages from Pakistan. Jamie brought knowledge of disc jockeys (stereochemistry) from Kansas City. We learned the art of coffee consumption and studying at Lakota coffee shop from Martha. Jess frankly was the root of all evil in our group, especially for pushing the Exam I curve in the wrong d___ direction.

We found a large advantage in having a group to study with and plan to continue this throughout the semester. We gained a group of women to hang out with and bond (as in possibly chemical) with. We would definitely want to participate in group projects again. Working problems to completion with cooperative learning is a big help, though with us "uncooperative" might be a better adjective.

Translate and act accordingly.