Peer Assessment of Group 8, Freak Accident Peer Assessment of Group 8
Freak Accident

Category G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 Average
Visual Appeal 9 10 8 9 7 -
Content 9 10 9 8 8 -
WWW Suitability 8 10 8 8 7 -
Relevance to 210 6 8 6 6 7 -
Personal Gain 9 9 10 8 8 -
TOTAL from Peers 41 47 41 39 37 41
Technical Merit 50+15
TOTAL for GP 106

Evaluation by Group 1
1) Group Name and Number of Evaluators-  Group #1, Silly Putty
2) Group Number and Group name of Evaluees- Group #8, Freak Accident
Grades Given (5=50% 6=60% ect....9=90%)

3) Visual Appeal of Site- 9
4) Content of Site- 9
5) WWW Suitability- 8
6) Relevence to Chemistry 210- 6 (I could not relate the pictures of
   D.N.A. to Chem. 210)
7) Personal Gain- 9

Total 41 pts. 

Evaluation by Group 2

(1) Group Number and Group Name of Evaluators
2 the mds2b	
(2) Group Number and Group Name of Evaluees
8 the freak accident 

(3) Visual Appeal of Site: 10	
they chose well constructed sites with a balance of text which was very
detailed and images.

(4) Content of Site: 10 Points 
the sites were of a high content after reading the first one we were
interested in this subject. 
we liked the fact sheet.
(5) WWW Suitability: 10 Points
once again the many aspects of this subject were found and organized in a
manner that evades the capabilities of print media.
it provided links to  bio, chem, and health, which could only
be done on the

(6) Relevance to Chem 210: 8 Points 
the largest flaw of the page is that not enough of the sites were
chemical.  we think that the other sites were good, though, meriting a 8.
(7) Personal Gain: 9 Points 
because it is the #1 killer of females, breast cancer is of relevance to
47 points..  

Evaluation by Group 3
1.  Evaluators:  Group #3  "The Nonamers"

2.  Evaluees:  Group #8  "Freak Accident"

3.  Visual Appeal of Site:  8 pts

4.  Content of Site:  9 pts

5.  WWW Suitability:  8 pts

6.  Relevance to Chem 210:  6 pts

7.  Personal Gain:  10 pts

Web page has very little to do with chemistry and is lacking in material
although sites have a lot of info.  The page does not explain the sites.

Evaluation by Group 4
(1) Group Number and Group Name of Evaluators
Group #4, The Bomb Squad

(2) Group Number and Group Name of Evaluees
Group #8, Freak Accident

(3) Visual Appeal of Site: 9 Points 
Good grapics that made it all eye catching.  Good choice of graphics to

(4) Content of Site: 8 Points 
Good blend of both Graphics and text to inform the viewer about your

(5) WWW Suitability: 8 Points
The graphics were very indepth and informative but most info could have
presented in a book.  But it still was enjoyable to read about it on the

(6) Relevance to Chem 210: 6 Points 
It did not seem very relevant to Chemistry.  It seemed more relevant to
biology of the body and genetics than chemistry.

(7) Personal Gain: 8 Points 
It presented alot of new info that we were not aware of.  It was also easy
to read with the interesting sites.

Evaluation by Group 5
	Group 8-Freak Accident
		Visual Appeal-7
                WWW suitability-7
                Relevance to chem210-7
                Personal Gain-8
	Comments:  There was a lot of information on the fact sheet,
however the links were not all functioning.  Also, the graphical links
that were functioning weren't as impressive as they could be.  There were
probably other links that would have been more applicable.  Some
interesting facts were learned, but the information was more medically
based than chemically relevant.