Peer Assessment of Group 9, Pie Stars Peer Assessment of Group 9
Pie Stars

Category G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 Average
Visual Appeal 8 10 10 10 10 -
Content 10 10 10 10 10 -
WWW Suitability 9 10 10 8 9 -
Relevance to 210 6 7 10 7 9 -
Personal Gain 10 10 9 10 10 -
TOTAL from Peers 43 47 49 45 48 46
Technical Merit 50
TOTAL for GP 96

Evaluation by Group 1

(1)  Group Number and Group name of Evaluators- Group #1, Silly Putty

(2)  Group Number and Group name of Evaluees- Group #9, Pie Stars, AZT and

(3) Visual Appeal- 8

(4) Content of Sites- 10 (Did a good job of gaining information-very

(5) WWW Suitability- 9 (Information was very suitable to WWW and does a
good job of condensing the material)

(6) Relevance to Chem 210- 6 (Sorry- I couldn't any organic relevance)

(7) Personal Gain- 10 

Total:  43

Evaluation by Group 2

(1) Group Number and Group Name of Evaluators
group 2 the mds2b
(2) Group Number and Group Name of Evaluees
group 9 the pie stars

(3) Visual Appeal of Site: 10 Points 
great!! bio images were great. the information sites were well organized.

(4) Content of Site: 10 Points 
The sites were informative and easy to follow.  We thought they were
presented in a logical order.
(5) WWW Suitability: 10 Points
once again much time and effort was saved by this linking of very
different sites across the www medium.

(6) Relevance to Chem 210: 7 Points 
although it was of great interest it failed to adress anything we are
learning in 210.

(7) Personal Gain: 10 Points 
aids is of great concern to everyone at this time.  especially since many
of us will use our chemical knowledge in pharmaceuticals or medicine.

total 47 points

Evaluation by Group 3
1.  Evaluators:  Group #3 "The Nonamers"

2.  Evaluees:  Group #9 "Pi Stars"

3.  Visual Appeal of Site:  10 pts

4.  Content of site:  10 pts

5.  WWW Suitability:  10 pts
6.  Relevance to Chem 210:  10 pts

7.  Personal Gain:  9 pts

Awesome! Very informative but did not quite follow format so it was a
difficult to read.

Evaluation by Group 4
(1) Group Number and Group Name of Evaluators
Group #4, The Bomb Squad

(2) Group Number and Group Name of Evaluees
Group #9, Pie Stars

(3) Visual Appeal of Site: 10 Points 
Excellent graphics that were very interesting and eye-catching.  They
loooked very profesional and high quality.

(4) Content of Site: 10 Points 
Very good combination of both graphics and text that informed the viewer
about AZT and AIDS.  The graphics added a dimension to just plain old
Very good job.

(5) WWW Suitability: 8 Points
Pictures are nice on the web but the text parts could have been presented
a lecture with notes or in a book.

(6) Relevance to Chem 210: 7 Points 
AZT and AIDS seem more relevant to the biology of the body.  It is dealing
alot with cells and their interaction with AZT.  The molcules though are
relevant to Chem 210.

(7) Personal Gain: 10 Points 
Very informative.  There is a good combination of pictures and text that
provide the necessary information.  We learned alot about AZT and AIDS
especially visualizing the molecules and what is happening on a very small
scale within the body.

Evaluation by Group 5
Group 9-Pie Stars
	        Visual Appeal-10
                WWW suitability-9
                Relevance to chem210-9
                Personal Gain-10
	Comments:  Very impressed with the 3-D structures of the HIV
and AZT molecules.  Their links to other sites also gave a lot of
imformation and were extremely helpful in understanding HIV.  Also, we
learned about the function of AZT and its side effects.  Good job!