Here is our group,
Jason Doke  671259
Sean  Doke  700292
Brian Nixon 668021
Carmen Beck 641372
Sara Heck   552587    The name of our group is called LSD-25  
Also I would like to say that if my Job permits I would like to help 
work on the projcect to get the notes on the web. But I would like to   
to get my hands on them ASAP. I would like to second the motion to 
have them on file at the library. That would be an excellent idea. 
Thank you for hosting the review session on Wed. It really helped.         
                                                    Sara Heck

March 5, 1997

Dear Dr. Glaser,

LSD-25 has changed its name to "Beerology 210."  We have also added two
new members; Ryan Linder 665499, and Amanda Burton 664169.  Please make
these changes. Thank you.

Jason Doke