Professor Glaser, my name is Rise Foster.  Sometimes I have
problems with people pronouncing my name correctly; therefore, I spell it
Risa. Our group is called "Molecule Maniacs" and include 7 very motivated
	Mona         c667691    (RG:  DEFECTED TO GASEOUS ANOMALIES)
	Rachel       c681060    (RG:  DEFECTED TO GASEOUS ANOMALIES)
	Risa         c668952
	Stevany      c669591
	Brian        c676205
	Sahvin       c670497
	Rena         c699239

	I  hope having 7 students in our group is alright.  There were
just so many wonderful students we wanted in our group we didn't know what
to do!


Remember:  "The electron can be on both sides of the node at the same