MU Chemistry 210 WS97
Honors List


Derek Cluck
"Chemistry Related to Prions and Mad-Cow Disease."
Paper entitled "Mad Cows and Rogue Proteins" accepted May 5, 1997. Congratulations! *

Heidi Rubach
"Chemical Action of Valium."
Paper entitled "Valium (diazepam): Uses, Addiction, and More." accepted June 26, 1996. Congratulations!

Samuel Medaris
"Chemical Aspects of Bone Marrow Transplants."
30-Day extension granted.

Laura Ann Miller
"The Effects of Alcohol on IP3 Receptors and Ca2+ ATPases."
Paper entitled "Can polyphenol antioxidants prevent cerebellar damage due to ethanol initiated oxidative stress?" accepted May 6, 1997. Congratulations!

Jamie Joyce
"Medicinal Acticity of Corticosteroidmethylprednisolone: A Weapon Against Spinal Cord Injury."
Paper entitled "Trying to Break the Fall" accepted April 9, 1997. Congratulations! Beautifully done!

Farina Sial
"Pathology and Pharmacological Aspects of Peptic Ulcer Disease".
Paper accepted on April 10, 1997. Congratulations!

Scott Eidson
"Antiangiogenic Effects of Shark Cartilage on Cancer Tumors".
Paper accepted on March 28, 1997. Congratulations! *

Ping Cheng
"Photochemistry of the Eye's Recognition Process."
Paper accepted on April 7, 1997. Congratulations!

Sandy Appleton
"A Woman's Choice: Controlling Fertility."
Paper accepted on April 14, 1997. Congratulations!


Sahvin Panichpong
Development of Materials for the Chemistry-210-Webnotes-Project.
Project completed May 15, 1997. Congratulations!

Michelle Azu & Justin Esses
Development of Multimedia Chemistry Tutorials for Internet Delivery.
Everything you always wanted to know about Taxol.
Project completed on May 27, 1997. Congratulations!

Nicole White & Raphael Buencamino
Development of Multimedia Chemistry Tutorial including an Interactive Testing Module for Internet Delivery.
30-Day extension granted.

Michelle Schulz
Development of Multimedia Chemistry Module for Internet Delivery.
Project completed May 15, 1997. Congratulations! (Pending paperwork)

Kevin Presley
Development of Multimedia Chemistry Module for Internet Delivery.
Project completed May 15, 1997. Congratulations!

Keith Kleiner
Development of A Chemical Virtual Reality Space.
Three-dimensional Molecule Display: Methane.
Project completed June 10, 1997. Congratulations!


Betsy Arthur (6)
Mona Aujla (5 plus one excused)
Kristen Deane (6)
Robert Lopez (6*)
Joseph Mallon (6)
Sara Nesbitt (5 plus one excused)
Richard Nichols (6)
Trisha Pelczynski (6)
Aaron Roberts (6)
Francis Tsang (5 plus one excused).

Attend and write one-page summaries on six Colloquia (Friday, 3:40, 103 Schlundt, submit by Monday), Organic Chemistry Seminars (Monday, 11:40, Room 50 Chemistry Building, submit by Wednesday), or ACS Lectures (usually Monday or Tuesday evening at 8 pm, Room 50 Chemistry Building, submit two days after event).