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Chemistry Organizations and Publications
Chemistry Associations & Journals | Chemistry Magazines & Club Activities

General Links to Organic Chemistry Resources
Periodic Systems | Online Texts and Review Materials | Chemistry Portals and Link Collections | Online Databases of Molecules | Animations - Reaction Mechanisms and Dynamics | Online Computations in Chemistry

Chapter-By-Chapter Links to Organic Chemistry Resources
Chapter 1: C-Isotopes & Carbon Dating | Atomic Orbitals | Lewis Structures & Electronegativity | Ionization Energies & Electron Affinities | Acids & Bases
Chapter 2: Hybrid Atomic Orbitals | Molecular Orbitals | Electron Density | Intermolecular Bonding
Chapter 3: Allotropes of Carbon: Diamond, Graphite & Fullerenes | Hydrocarbons | Conformations of Alkanes
Chapter 4: Thermodynamics | Halogenation of Alkanes
Chapter 5: Chirality | Resolution
Chapter 6: Sources and Uses of Alkyl Halides | Nucleophilic Substitution | Elimination
Chapter 7: Structure, Synthesis and Properties of Alkenes
Chapter 8: Reactions of Alkenes
Chapter 9: Reactions of Alkynes
Chapter 10: Structure, Synthesis and Properties of Alcohols | Organometallic Chemistry
Chapter 11: Reactions of Alcohols | Reactions of Diols
Chapter 12: General Spectroscopy | Infrared Spectrocopy | Mass Spectroscopy
Chapter 13: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Chapter 14: Ethers | Epoxides | Mercaptanes
Chapter 15: Diels-Alder Reactions | Ultraviolet & Visible Light and UV/Vis Spectroscopy
Chapter 16: Benzene | Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Chapter 17:
Chapter 18: Aldehydes and Ketones
Chapter 19: Amines | Alkaloids
Chapter 20:
Chapter 21:
Chapter 22:
Chapter 23: Carbohydrates | Nucleic Acids
Chapter 24: Amino Acids | Peptide | Proteins |
Chapter 25: Lipids | Detergents
Chapter 26: Polymers

Chemistry Organizations and Publications

Chemistry Associations & Journals
American Chemical Society, ChemCenter, ACS Journals
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
Our friends in Canada: The Chemical Institute of Canada
Our friends south of the border: Asociacion Nacional De La Industria Quimica Mexico
The fellows in the UK: Royal Society of Chemistry
Unsere Freunde in Deutschland: The German Chemical Society
Our friends in Japan: The Chemical Society of Japan
... and there are many more ...
... and the global organization is in progress ...
IUPAC - the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
WATOC - the World Association of Theoretically Oriented Chemists

Chemistry Magazines & Club Activities
ChemWeb.com - The World Wide Club for the Chemical Community
Elemental Discoveries - An online Chemistry Magazine
The Why Files - The Science Behind the News!
Brenna Lorenz' Sizzling Organic Chemistry Dramas!
Chemistry Song Collection

General Links To Organic Chemistry Resources

Online Periodic System of the Elements
A simple
Periodic System of the Elements with elements colored by type.
Winter's Periodic System of the Elements
InterCorr's Periodic System of the Elements
F. James Holler and John P. Selegue's A Comic Book Periodic Table
The Chemical Society's A Visual Interpretation of the Table of Elements

Online Texts and Review Materials
Organic Chemistry Online Web-sters' Organic Chemistry
CADUCEUS MCAT Organic Chemistry by Scientia Inc.
ChemMystery's Organic Chemistry.
WeTChe.NL - web tutorials in chemistry
Dr. Henry Rzepa's Molecular Modelling for Organic Chemistry
Dr. Robert Wiley's Introductory Organic Chemistry on the Web
Learning by Visualization: Visual Aids for Organic Chemistry
Dr. Linda Sweeting's Organic Reaction Quizzes and Reactions
OSU's Electronic Flash Cards - An Educational Resource for Students in Organic Chemistry.
Dr. Linda Bush's Organic Chemistry FlashCards
Tutorials with problems and exercises: Organic Chemistry OnLine
Logan's web tutorial on Organic Chemistry
Moss' Online Guide to IUPAC Nomenclature
Introduction to Organic Chemistry Nomenclature
Name Reactions in Organic Chemistry
Education science software in chemistry: Falcon Software

Chemistry Portals and Link Collections
Journal of Chemical Education Internet
ChemPort - Your Port to Online Journals
The Chemistry Place
Winter's Chemdex.org
The WEB-sters' Organic Chemistry
Deslongchamps' Multimedia Chemistry and Biochemistry Resources
Wong's The Learning Matters of Chemistry
Spectroscopy - The ultimate portal to excitation
BioChemNet - Directory of biology and chemistry educational resources online
The University of Georgia's Glactone project.
Chemistry portal at Harvey Mudd College
Dr. Abby Parrill's Collection of Educational Materials for Organic Chemistry (Michigan State University)
Collection of Chemistry Factoids at Cal State University, Fresno
University of Washington Chemical Images and Databases
Indiana University CHEMINFO - chemical information sources
Dr. Erik Epp's Chemistry Portal
Assorted Encyclopedias including some with relevance to Organic Chemistry

Online Databases of Molecules
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
Pharmacology Central- A structural Who's Who of pharmacology.
UNEP, the United Nations Environmental Protection Site
OSH-Link: An Online Resource Summarizing Current Literature on Occupational Safety and Health
University of Bristol's Molecule of the Month
Woodcock's 1100+ Molecular Models from OUC, (Okanagan University College)
The Wired Chemist's Organic Model Collection
Indiana University Molecular Structure Center
A VRML gallery of WebMolecules
The MathMol Library - Library of 3-D Molecular Structure
Search the InfoChem GmbH Chemical Structure Database
PDB - Protein Data Bank, Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics
TIM-DB - Domain Structural Data Base for Enzymes
alphAware - All Natural Legal Consciousness Modulators and Related Reality Enjoyment Gear
Molecular Expressions - Images from the Microscope.

Reaction Mechanisms
Chime Resources by Eric Martz
Marco Ziegler's chemVISU - Structure, Dynamics and Reactions
Simple applet animations of SN reactions: SN2, SN1 with Inversion, SN1 with Retention.
Iverson's Movie Directory from UT Austin
Ehrler's VRMOL site - Basic Organic Reactions.
The Chemists Art Gallery. Visualization and animation.

Online Computations in Chemistry
Sheffield Chemputer

Chapter-By-Chapter Links Organic Chemistry Resources

Radiocarbon Dating with Carbon-14
Seriously, read this about "
Dating Techniques" and, in particular, take a look at Radio Carbon Dating
Compton's Encyclopedia on Radiocarbon Dating
Carbon-14 Dating Calculator
Beta Decay

Atomic Orbitals
Representations of Orbitals
Pictures of Atomic Orbitals
Orbital Central's Overview of Atomic Orbitals
For Mathematica fans: 3-D representations of atomic orbitals
Hydrogen Atomic Orbitals
Quicktime movies for the visualization of atomic orbitals
Wong's 3D Models of Atomic Orbitals (requires VRML plug-in).

Lewis Dot Structures
Bonding and Isomerism
Table of Electronegativities of the Elements
Electronegativity (Mulliken-Jaffe) plotted against atomic number
Electronegativity (Allen) plotted against atomic number

Thermochemical Data of Atoms and Molecules
1 atomic unit = 27.211 eV = 627.51 kcal/mol; 1 eV = 23.061 kcal/mol
Physics Unit Conversion Factors
NIST: Ground levels and ionization energies for the neutral atoms
Ionization energies of molecules: Electron-Impact Ionization Cross Section Database
Definition and tables of Ionization energies and electron affinities
Lattice energies and the strength of ionic bonds

Acidity & Basicity of Organic Compounds
Review ChemTutor's
Acids and Bases
Acidity in DMSO: The Bordwell pKa Table

Hybrid Atomic Orbitals

Molecular Orbitals
Organic Chemistry OnLine's section on
Atomic and Molecular Orbitals shows MOs and MO diagrams.

Electron Density
Theory of Atoms in Molecules.

Intermolecular Bonding
Overview of types and magnitudes of
Inter- and Intramolecular Forces
ScienceNet's Glossary on Intermolecular Forces
Michael Blaber's page on Intermolecular Forces
Andersen's animation of a water molecule hydrogen-bonded to other water molecules
Movies that show the dynamics of the hydrogen bonding in water
CHIME and VRML models of "snapshots" of liquid water and of ice.
CHIME models of Glaser's ab initio structures of the thymine-adenine and guanine-cytosine base pairs.
CHIME model of the enzyme "photolyase".

Allotropes of Carbon
Collection of Links to Carbon Allotropes
Line drawings of the Allotropes of Carbon
The most beautiful Carbon Allotrope: Diamond
The most common Carbon Allotrope: Graphite
The Minerals' Gallery page on Graphite
Washington University's Fullerene Science Module
M. Yoshida's Fullerene Gallery

IUPAC Nomenclature of Hydrocarbons
Erik's short survey table of nomenclature
Active Propane
Hank Hill's Guide to Propane and Propane Accessories
Combustion Chemistry in Real Life: PCI Precision Combustion, Inc.
Combustion and the Environment: Joint Center for Combustion and Environmental Research
Combustion emissions monitoring: LAND combustions
On the lighter side: Spontaneous Human Combustion

Conformations of Alkanes
Parill and Gerway's
Quicktime Movies of conformational changes.

Yale University's Index of
Heats of Formation.

Halogenation of Alkanes
The Methyl Bromide Phase Out.
Doing something about the environmental problems caused by chlorine: Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge 1998

Frank Gorga's web tutorial on
Isomers of Organic Compounds
Use the Molecular Models from OUC to practice your "chiral recognition" skills!
Chirality and Optical Activity
Exercises with CHIME models: The Stereochemistry Online Page at Colby College.

Bush's page on
Stereochemistry and Our Senses
ChromTech: Separation of enantiomers by chiral chromatography.

Sources and Uses of Alkyl Halides
Blackburn's electronic flashcards on
alkyl halides and alcohols
A brief overview of alkyl halide synthesis.
A very long polyfluorinated alkane: Teflon
Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and their role in Ozone Depletion

Nucleophilic Substitution
A simple animation of an
SN2 Reaction.
Simple applet animations illustrating SN1 and SN2 recations: SN2 Pathway, SN1 Pathway with Inversion, SN1 Pathway with Retention.
A simple SN2 reaction also is shown in Iverson's Movie Directory from UT Austin
Glaser's Virtual Reality animation of the SN2 reaction of hydroxide with methylchloride. [Requires VRML 2.0 plugin.]

Elimination Reactions
A simple elimination reaction is shown in
Iverson's Movie Directory from UT Austin

Structure, Synthesis and Properties of Alkenes
Glaser's "Chemistry is in the News" Item on
catalytic cracking
Shell's site on Fluid catalytic cracking for better fuels

Reactions of Alkenes
Clarkson's overview of the reactions of alkenes
Markovnikov Rule
Blackburn's electronic flashcards on alkenes.

Donal O'Leary's page on
Alkyne Chemistry
Wiley's pages on alkenes also contain some alkyne chemistry

Structure, Synthesis and Properties of Alcohols
Blackburn's electronic flashcards on
alkyl halides and alcohols
There exists an entire journal dedicated to Alcoholism: ALCOHOLISM - Clinical and Experimental Research

Meth-Cohn's Guide to Organic Synthesis:
The Grignard Reaction
Meth-Cohn's Guide to Organic Synthesis: The Grignard Reactions with Aldehyde and Ketones
Rob Toreki's Organometallic HyperTextBook

Reactions of Alcohols
Vasiliou Lab Homepage: A Database for Alcohol-Metabolizing Enzymes

Reactions of Diols
The Organic Chemistry Virtual Tutor's Shockwave animation of the
Pinacol Rearrangement

General Spectroscopy
NIST Physical Reference Data:
Atomic Spectroscopic Data
Spectroscopy - The ultimate portal to excitation (literally).
Another superb portal to Spectroscopy
SDBS Integrated Spectral Data Base System for Organic Compounds
Umea Unversity's Analytical Chemistry Springboard
WCAS - West Coast Analytical Service Spectroscopic Tools of the University of Potsdam.

Infrared Spectroscopy
NIST Chemistry WebBook - Thermochemical and spectroscopic data. Includes IR and MS spectra.
SDBS - Integrated Spectral Data Base System for Organic Compounds
Animation of Vibrational Modes of Water
IR Spectroscopy and Table of IR Spectra @ UMSL.
Wiley's IR Tutor
Check out the IR section of the Spectroscopy site.
David Hewitt's Organic Spectroscopy Tutorial on IR with many problems.
Stanislaus' Tutorial on IR with many problems.
A portal to publication on "Near IR Sprectroscopy": NIR Publications
The Perkin Elmer site on FT-IR.
The homepage of Medical Infrared Spectroscopy

Mass Spectroscopy
What is modern in MS? Check out the Journal of the American Chemical Society for Mass Spectrometry:
JASMS Online.
NIST Chemistry WebBook - An outstanding source for thermochemical and spectroscopic data. Includes IR and MS spectra.
Check out the MS section of the Spectroscopy site.
Koen Van Aken's Mass Spectrometry
Organic Chemistry Online's Mass Spectrometry
SciMedia's Introduction to Mass Spectroscopy
Emory University's list of Mass Spectrometry related links.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
The NMR Periodic Table
BioMagResBank - BMRB - A Repository for NMR Data on Proteins, Peptides and Nucleic Acids.
Organic Structure Elucidation by Smith, Boggess, and Zajicek. Contains many problems with various NMR, MS and IR spectra.
Check out the NMR section of the Spectroscopy site.
Darek Bogdal's NMR Tutor at Imperial College
Henry Rzepa's (pronounce "Tschepa") course on NMR Spectroscopy - Principles and Applications
Koen van Aken's NMR Tutorial Pages.
David Hewitt's Organic Spectroscopy Tutorial on NMR with many good problems.
Wilson's Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.
Get your own PC program for Spectra Simulation
VARIAN is one of the major producers of NMR instrumentation.
BRUKER is another one of the major producers of NMR instrumentation.
The University of Frankfurt's portal to NMR Sites

Dioxins R Us Home Page


What is a mercaptane?

Diels-Alder Reactions
Morrison and Boyd's discussion of orbital symmetry in the
Diels-Alder Reaction
Jeff Gosper's Simulations of Diels-Alder Reactions

Ultraviolet & Visible Light and UV/Vis Spectroscopy
See the
UV-Section in Colin Ray's pages on non-ionizing radiation.
The UV Card - A credit card size device that indicates the ultraviolet light intensity.

Benzene Homepage at Queen's University.
Spectacular QuickTime movies on the Molecular Dynamics of Benzene.

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) Data Base
Dr. Wathen's page on PAHs and Cancer
Chemical exposure: PAHs in steel workers

Aldehydes and Ketones
Young's Organic Chemistry OnLine:
Aldehydes and Ketones.
Ralph Logan's Aldehydes and Ketones
Testing for ketones in urine: The Ketone Pad


A portal to
LSD ... even a recipe ...
The Addition Research Foundation's take on Cocaine
The Koch Crime Institute on Methamphetamine
Don't even get started! Drug Prevention

Dr. Paul's Biochemical Gallery on Carbohydrates
Carbohydrates - A Biochemistry Review
Indiana Institute for Molecular and Cellular Biology: Glycolysis
The University of Utrecht's Fructan Page
Shodex's web site on Chromatographic Separations and Analysis of various sugars.
The Diabetes Monitor: A portal to all aspects of diabetes.
Diabetics's use of
Benedict's Test for Glucose
Mead Johnson Nutritionals' Living with Diabetes

Nucleic Acids
Dr. Paul's Biochemical Gallery on Nucleic Acids.
DNA Structure - An Interactive Animated Nonlinear Tutorial by Eric Martz
The DNA site of the University of Massachussetts
Genes, DNA, and Chromosomes

Amino Acids
amino acid gallery of the University of Berlin.
The amino acid gallery of the Department of Biological Sciences at UC Davis.
Yale University's Metabolic Database on amino acid synthesis and degradation.

Peptide Folding by Computer Simulation
Advanced Bioconcepts: Biologically active fluopeptides - a visible advantage.

Molecules R US: The NIH's portal to the Protein Date Bank (PDB).
Inhibitors of HIV Protease: An Introduction to Carbonyl Chemistry
Erik Martz's Protein Morpher

Chemistry of Lipids
Dr. Elson Haas' dietary pages on Lipids: Fats and Oils

The History of Detergents on the Kiwi Web

Polymers & Liquid Crystals. The PLC Page at Case Western Reserve University.
Drexel University's Department of Materials Engineering on Nylon.
The Macrogalleria - a cyberworld of polymer fun. A Must-See!