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Examinations and Performance Histograms (pdf files)
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The WS99 Chem 210 Tests
Ch210 W99 Course Histogram, Grade Distributions, Rainer's List.
Ch210 W99 Exam4, AK, Histogram, MCP-Correlations.
Ch210 W99 Collaborative Group Projects Performance Histogram.
Ch210 W99 Exam3, AK, Histogram, MCP-Correlations.
Ch210 W99 Exam2, AK, Histogram, MCP-Correlations.
Ch210 W99 Exam1, AK, Histogram, MCP-Correlations.

The WS97 Chem 210 Tests
Ch210 W97 Exam4, AK, Histograms of Final and of Course, Grade Cutoffs.
Histogram for Ch210 W97 Exams 1-3 & Group Projects, Grade Definitions.
Ch210 W97 Exam3, AK, Histogram.
Ch210 W97 Exam2, AK, Histogram.
Ch210 W97 Exam1, AK, Histogram.

The FS92 Chem 210 Tests
Ch210 F92 Exam1 AK, Ch210 F92 Exam2 AK
Ch210 F92 Exam3 AK, Ch210 F92 Final AK