Every day, people eat, drink, or otherwise interact with a variety of products, often not knowing exactly what is in them.  To help inform the consumer in some small way, this page will detail the chemical structure and relevant chemical informati on on the ingredients used in the over-the-counter cough suppressant NyQuil (original flavor), manufactured by Vicks Pharmaceutical Corporation.

The melting points, boiling points, and chemical structures of all compounds, if known, will be provided.  A brief explanation of the effects and purposes that these compounds serve will also be provided.  Toxicity (where applicable) may be s tated in a quantity known as “LD50”.  “LD50” represents the dose that is lethal in 50% of tested animals.  The LD50 dosage and animal tested will be provided.

This project is for fulfilment of Honors credit in my Organic Chemistry class at the University of Missouri - Columbia, under the instruction of Dr. Rainer Glaser.


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