Group 12

Our first group meeting was held on January 21.  We all decided to meet at
Ellis Library.  Not knowing one another, we spent the first meeting get to
know each other, talking about the first exam and deciding on a name.  The
name that we choose was the Sesquicentennial Samplers.  We choose this
name from a poster on the wall in the library.  We also spent a lot of
time talking about ideas for the project that we found interesting and
thought would be fun.  This first meeting lasted about an hour.

Our second meeting was on February 25 in the Memorial Union Computer lab.
In this meeting we spent time looking at web sites and newspaper articles
determining which article would be the topic ton which we wanted to focus
as well as discussing how each topic was relevant to organic chemistry.
Though we choose an article this night, in the later days we would find
out that the article moved to the archives, thus we lost its URL.  In this
meeting, we spent 2 hours.  Each of us found about 5 different articles
and looked at roughly 3 different web sites on each different article.

Next, group 12 met on Wednesday, March 3 at memorial computer lab.  In
this meeting, we spent time looking for sites relevant to our article as
well as to organic chemistry.  We also determined exactly where the
article fit into the textbook.  Unfortunately in the coming week, we would
not have the same topic.  We spent about an hour at this meeting.  In
order to get an article we could actually use, Carl and Justin searched,
on another day, through approximately 5 other web sites and articles and
found an article which we could use.  

The next meeting was after spring break on Tuesday, March 30, at Memorial
Union Computer lab.  Again, the chosen article failed us.  This time we
had to buy the article so we choose a different article on the same
subject smog.  This night, we got links to different web sites and began
the editorial comments.  This meeting lasted about 2 hours.

We continued to meet the next day the 31 of March at 5:00 in Memorial
Union.  We continued to write the editorial comments and began to think
and write questions.  We met for about 2 hours.

On Thursday, April 1 at Memorial Computer Lab, we met to finish the
questions and to iron out wrinkles in our report.  We also added links and
tried to put our editorial comments and questions into html format.  If it
was not right we apologized but only one has studied the html language and
that was a while ago.  This meeting lasted about 3 hours.

Some problems encountered in group work included the busy scheduals of the
members and not being able to get into contact very easily with one of the
members.  The group found the project to benefial as it allowed us to
incorporate the material that we were studying into every day life.
Sometimes that is the best was to truly learn the material that one is
studying.  We have yet to study with each other.  One thing we don't like
about group projects is that they are very time consuming though it is
nice to be able to get to know other students in the class.