Group Dynamics Report
	The Usual Suspects (AKA Group 13) tried to space out all the work
for the semester project from the beginning.  After deciding on a
six-member team made up of barhopping acquaintances, we started holding
weekly meetings on Thursday immediately following Friends at the Beta
house.  Obviously, at first the meetings lasted only a few minutes.
However, this allowed us to stay focused and up-to-date on our upcoming
	Our first extended meeting was on February 25 to finally decide on
the article we would use.  Jake Isely, who has since dropped the class,
pushed for a carbohydrate topic.  Even though he submitted his choice for
article, we overrode him and changed to the topic of elimination reactions
and their effects on the ozone layer.  This meeting lasted for almost an
hour as we had ten articles, from eight different sources, of topics
submitted by group members.  (Note:  In the end we switched to one of the
articles that better expressed elimination reactions as a cause of ozone
destruction.)  The plethora of articles we had to choose from made the
work much easier as we could choice from many topics.
	Problems started to occur in the group after the second test.
Isely dropped the class and didnÕt mention this to the group.  Greek Week
commitments kept the group from meeting regularly, so Blakeslee took a
role as "editor" and distributed the workload to the remaining members.
This worked reasonable well as most everyone finished his or her
assignments on time.  As you can tell by the time of this submission, one
person waited until the last minute to finish his work.  Thus, the
"editor" was left to put the pieces of the project together late Friday
	As we mentioned, the members of The Usual Suspects were already
friends.  We have studied together for other classes like genetics and
chemistry 32.  It was only natural that we continue to be a study group
for organic tests.  This project did put a new stress on the group, as we
had to be responsible for each other's grades.  A beneficial result of
these responsibilities is being able to know whom one can truly count on.
Some Suspects did more than their share of the work while a couple were
late and lacking results.  However, we do believe we have put together a
very good news item, thus making the groupÕs work a success.