Group Dynamics Report

    When we enrolled in chemistry 210 last semester, none of us had any idea that we would be doing any sort of group project.  Most chemistry classes consist of a plethora of notes, hours of reading, and several tests that seem to show one just how little he/she knows.  Naturally, we were frightened when we learned about this collaborative group project in our impending future.  However, everyone in this group found this to be a deviation from the monotonous ritual of studying to the point of being burned out and then studying some more.  This report is a summary of how we accomplished this amazing and new way of looking at organic chemistry as found in society: the group project.
    The selection of our article didn't take very long; this task was accomplished by two people.  After this, the struggle to find a convenient time to meet as a whole group proved to be a hassle until the very end of the project.  We only had three full group meetings, and someone different was missing each time.  Obviously we surmounted this problem since our project has been submitted!
    At the first meeting our article had already been selected.  We went over the article together and chose different topics to research.  We wanted to have the research done by the time spring break was over.  However, this didn't go quite as well as planned.  When we all returned for our second meeting, the frustration of trying to find pertinent information of the key words for the article on the internet as clearly evident for some of the members.  All of us related the information we found to each other and then organized the outline of the editorial.  Each of us then left with a new more specific search in hopes of adding the finishing touches at the next meeting.  We also created the questions to be used at the end of the project.
    The third and final full group meeting found each member present.  We organized the article and links, and edited the rough draft of the editorial.  The next day, two of our members put the project into html format minus this dynamics report which was added the following morning.
    In the end, we all came to a consensus that there is always an element of surprize in each college class, and we must be open to new projects that may be assigned.  Also some other lessons which this project provided was that it's hard to organize group meetings with six busy college students, the internet can sometimes pose big problems for those who lack a high affinity for computers, and even the best laid plans may go awry.  This group project was very fun and a learning experience for us all.  Oh, and we will all remember to get our daily dosage of lutein and zeaxanthin and "macular degeneration" will always hold a special place in our hearts!