Group Dynamics Report

Our group officially met 5-6 times at Memorial Union, for about 1 1/2 hours per meeting. We did a lot of work on the project outside of meetings because the times we could all get together were so infrequent. We would "assign" what everyone should work on before the next meeting and then everyone would arrive with that work done. Overall, we were quite successful with this strategy.

Before we chose an article, everyone searched the web individually for possible articles and then we all selected one at our first meeting. We chose an article from a pool of about 20 articles total.

Although a few people expressed interest in studying together, our group collaboration did not extend beyond working on the CSP.

Following are some advantages of working in a group: it is a lot more fun to work with other people and get to know new people in class; creativity increases when several minds come together, as does understanding of the material; and learning to work together with other people is an educational experience in itself.

Most of us felt that we benefited from the group experience and agreed that we would enjoy doing group projects in the future. We gained from each other's knowledge, from understanding molecular orbital theory to how to make a website.

Like many projects, this one turned out to involve more time and effort than any of us initially projected. One of the challenges we encountered was due to the fact that we selected a chapter that we had not yet studied.