Group 17
Jennifer Reel, Ryan Kemper, Sara Stacy, Leah Meinert

Covalently bonded convened a total of four times at the spacious and beautifully renovated Memorial Union North. For each meeting, we bonded together for an hour on average. Of course, the night before we spent five times that amount of time in the computer lab. The decision of what article to use brought together elements of each member's interests and personalities. We found that everyone had a common concern for the welfare of our environment, thus leading us to the selection of an article dealing with emissions and pollution. We deliberated over six or seven articles before choosing one we found to be both interesting and applicable to organic chemistry.

Upon the formation of our group, we found it beneficial as means to study for the exams and as a way to better understand the concepts of organic chemistry. Although we found this group advantageous, at some points we encountered problems with member participation and effort. Our collaborative effort expanded well beyond this project to preparing for exams, discussing the essentials of the course, and finding common goals and desires amongst the group. These common goals and desires not only allowed us to interact well with each other during this project, but also will allow for collaborative learning possibilities in future classes.

This type of learning activity can be constructive if the group as whole is willing to put forth the time and effort needed to create an environment where each group member is both challenged and aided in the attainment of essential concepts. However, if those levels are not met, the activity can become tedious for some and of little assistance for others. We feel as a covalently bonded group we have learned to share ideas and gained a greater knowledge of our topic and teamwork. Therefore, despite minimal difficulties, the experience as a whole was one, which we thoroughly enjoyed.