Group Actions and Dynamics
Group 1: Delta Gamma

The group Delta Gamma had an unusual situation since we are all living in the same house. We collaborated in weekly meetings that lasted approximately forty-five minutes to an hour. We usually met in our common sitting area that we refer to as our TV room or in our computer room. Our first few meetings consisted of brainstorming ideas and assigning duties. At first we thought that we wanted to do our web page on a drug of some sort. Then we decided on the ozone layer. We are all concerned with the environment and remembered you talking about ozone on one of the first days of class and how it is an important molecule.

In our following meetings we finalized an article and started looking for links that we could use. We were very happy with the ones we found because they are very informative and some have interesting graphics. We all brainstormed some questions and answers and put them together to choose the best of the bunch. We did the same thing for our editorial comment. Each of us contributed something to the editorial comment either by revising or doing research.

It was enjoyable working together because even though we all live a thirty second walking distance from each other it is often times hard for us to hang out and talk. At times it was frustrating trying to meet due to our busy schedules, but when we finally did get together we always accomplished a fair amount. Of course we were all going to study with each other anyway so the group really did not add anything in that aspect. Overall, we have enjoyed working on this project. It gave us an insight not only on our topic but also more about the usage of the computer, which will unquestionably be of use in the future.