From: "Jessica Cuba" 
Subject: the fun group project of Chem 210
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 22:11:39 PST
Mime-Version: 1.0

Prof. Glaser:  I am writing to you to tell you our group. Our group's 
name is FUN and it consists of five members.  Nathan Brinker c716695, 
Brian Cook c717500, Terry Leaker c713066, Jessica Cuba, and Laura Stanek c713856.


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From: "Jessica Cuba" 
Subject: the fun group
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 15:44:00 PST
Mime-Version: 1.0

Hello Dr. Glaser,
     We would like to add one more person to group number two, the Fun 
Group.  Her name is Megan Miller and her student number is 722655.  
Thank you for your time.
Jessica Cuba

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