Group 20 Dynamic:

	Upon completion of the CSP we as a group would like to let you
konw how the project worked out.  We began as a 6-member group.  Two
members dropped the class, 3 worked diligently, and 1 failed to respond to
any group meeting attempts.  We are unsure if Angela McBride is still in
the class as she is the one who failed to answer or return any of our
calls.  The remaining members (Addy Evans, Kathy Weiss, and Amanda House)
were able to work together extremely well.  We met on several occasions to
discuss topics, find information, then organize and submit the project.
All meetings were held at Memorial Union and its computer lab.  We met as
a group for approximately 10 hours.  Also, members did outside work aside
from the group work.  The first time our group met, we began our project
by searching the Internet for possible topics.  Due to one member's
previous knowledge on infrared spectroscopy we decided from the start to
focus our project on that issue.  Once that decision was made, we searched
various newspapers (well-known ones) on-line and found two excellent
articles on the topic.  We decided to use the one chosen as it was easier
to understand for someone unfamilliar or just learning about spectroscopy.
Also, the article was more recent.  

	Because the three of us were so willing to work, we had no group
problems aside from Angela and our lack of knowledge on making a web page
(or submitting our news item in word format).

	Our group feels that we accomplished more than just completing the
project.  All members were willing to study together and did on occasion.
Two of us knew each other previously but were able to meet the other
member through this project.  

	It was a fun and interesting learning experience that helped us
gain more appreciation for the application of chemistry in modern society
and also, the application of chemistry on-line.

Yours truly,
	Group 20 
	Addy Evans, Kathy Weiss, Amanda House