Our experience working in groups was largely a positive one. Our first meeting was held at Memorial Union and lasted about 1 hour. We brainstormed some ideas and then decided our project topic. We also picked out about four or five articles that could work with our topic. The next meeting lasted approximately 1 hour, and we narrowed our article down to the one that interested us most, as well as selecting some links. The third meeting was a little longer, 2 hours, and we wrote a rough draft of our editorial comments and picked out some sections in the textbook that we wanted to incorporate into the web page. The last meeting was rather long, and it lasted 4 hours in the computer lab of Memorial Union. We had to revise the editorial comments quite a bit, pick out a few more links, and locate some interesting pictures to spice the page up a bit.

Our group worked together well for the most part. Some people were good with computers, others were good at writing, and a few did research. The different skills each of us possessed benefited the group as a whole. Everyone worked hard to complete the project and only a few conflicts arose. During the 4-hour meeting, the stress was mounting trying to accomplish the task, and naturally, tempers were getting a little short. A few snaps and gripes were all it amounted to however, and we all cheerily said goodbye and thanked each other for the hard work. We would consider studying with each other for the next test and believe that we have found some peer support within the class. It was difficult to find times when all of us could get together; however the benefits of six heads instead of one greatly outweighed the inconvenience.