Group Dynamics Report

	The web page project assigned in Chemistry 210 was a challenge for
the members of group number 22, the Tigers. The group consisted of Peter
Walker, Jeremy Tillman, Missy Fillmann, Mimi Ly, Julie Reynolds, and Nick
Hurt.  We met a number of times throughout the semester to work and do
research on the internet for this project.  We reviewed three major
articles before we came to a decision.  Not more than a week after
submitting this article we ran into a problem.  The URL for the article
became outdated so we had to locate an alternate article.  Luckily, we
were able to use one of the other articles we had considered.  Once we had
selected this article, we met two more times to work on the project.
Every member of the group had reviewed the article and searched the
internet for links that could be possibly used in the article review.
After we each did this, we met as a group.  We compared web sites and
ideas at the computer lab in GCB.  This is where we discussed what should
be considered in the writing of the editorial comments.  Once we had
accomplished this, the meeting ended. The next week  we met again to
discuss questions that could be used for the web page.  We considered the
various types of questions listed and developed six questions that we felt
conveyed the main topics of the article.  After this was done, we had  to
type the information to a file and send it to Dr. Glaser.  
	Working on this project posed some problems to the members of the
group.  The main dilemma was conflicts in schedules.  Every member of the
group had a  busy schedule and having meetings that could be attended by
everyone were very hard to plan.  Although there were some difficult times
during the development of our web page, the experience of working with the
group was very valuable.  It gave us a group of people to study with
before tests and a support group to ask questions during times of