Organic CSP
The Straight Chain Alkanes, Group 23

Group Actions and Dynamics

	Our group met approximately once a week for an hour and a half for
our collaborative semester project.  We usually met at Brady Commons due
to its central location.  A typical meeting would include a brainstorming
session and a discussion of what information from would be useful from
both the book and internet sites.  The process of choosing a relevant
article was fairly difficult.  We browsed six online sources and reviewed
quite a few articles.

	The collaborative semester project was a positive aspect of our
Organic class.  However there were a few difficulties.  The group had
conflicting schedules and it was tough to get everyone together.  We had
problems wording the questions and tended to disagree on which questions
to use.  

	Though the project was challenging, we all realized the benefits
of using the internet to research Organic Chemistry.  This would not have
been possible a few years ago, and it will be interesting to see the
effects technology will have on chemistry research in future years.
Currently there is a large amount of information available but it can be
difficult to find.  Sites with better organization and access to the data
would have been more useful and convenient than hunting for scattered
sources.  However, navigating the internet is considerably easier than
searching printed journals and articles for the same information.