Group Dynamics
	Our group was formed primarily over e-mail, which was also our
main mode of communication throughout the project.  Indeed, it was
difficult to coordinate everyone's different schedules, and since only two
of us knew each other, communication played a key role in our group.  Our
meetings were efficient and we worked well together.  Meetings generally
lasted from one to four hours, depending on the amount of work we needed
to complete.  We agreed on our topic relatively quickly and we effectively
chose a newspaper article out of the several articles each of us had
	The project was underway until we ran into a stumbling block: four
of our members dropped the class for various reasons after the second
test.  Within a week, the two of us left picked up a new member and
finished the project.  This made completing the project slightly more
difficult, but provided a sort of bond among the remaining group members.
Because of our different schedules, it was not always practical to try to
form study groups, but we were able to communicate questions about the
class and material among our members.  The concept of a group project is a
good one in that it suggests that people will make new friends and study
partners, and learn to work with people they do not know.  However, in
college, when schedules are so difficult to coordinate, we would prefer
not to engage in such group activities again.