Group Actions and Dynamics
Steve Laramore, Audrey Mullins and Mubeena Siddiqi

	Communication, determination and patience were a must to keep our
group organized and focused.  At our first meeting, we all agreed that the
best way to choose our topic was to assign a specific task to each person.
We researched five newspapers and we narrowed our selections down to one.
During this time, we started to encounter many problems.  Sharon Teoh
(Weicheng) left our group to join another.  This was a mutual decision and
there were no hard feelings.  Ryan Milburn dropped the class because he
changed his major.  There were only four of us left in the group: Steve
Laramore, Audrey Mullins, Mubeena Siddiqi, and David Politte.  We set up
many meetings to start putting our page together.  Only three of us showed
up to the meetings: Steve, Audrey and Mubeena.  We called David repeatedly
and e-mailed him and he said he would show up, but he never did.  So, this
webpage is a product of three people who were dedicated and determined to
making this project a success.  
	We met once a week in the beginning for about an hour and a half,
but as the deadline approached, we met at least two times a week for about
four to six hours at each meeting because there were only three of us.
This became quite difficult because there was too much work to do between
three people, but we worked it out.  The computer lab was the most
efficient place to meet.  All of us (Steve, Audrey and Mubeena) had many
different ideas and skills.  We put all of our talents together to create
an interesting and informative chemistry webpage.  Individually, all three
of us spent a lot of time outside of our meetings looking for links.  When
we found a useful link, we would e-mail it to each other.  We all came
across many problems, but we also enjoyed each others company.  
	The Collaborative Semester Project was an interesting experience.
It is difficult to compromise on something you feel strongly about, but
all of us were mature enough to do so.  We would not mind engaging in such
a group activity again, but we would definitely want more group members.