Group # 26
Group Actions and Dynamics:
	Our group consisted of a wide range of personalities.  The majors
in the group consisted of two education, one pre-vet, one pre-med., one
biochemistry, and one nuclear medicine.  This difference in personality
allowed for several different aspects to be brought to the table.  The all
group members had very hectic schedules between school and work.  Several
of our group members also lived off of campus.  This posed a problem when
it came to setting up meeting times. 
	To over come this problem we decide that the easiest way to work
on the project would be to break it up.  Each of us took different topics
mentioned in the article about Seaborg.  We then collaborated this
information at four group meeting to come up with the end product.  E-mail
was as a valued asset between group members.  We meet in the Hudson Hall
lounge.  The hall had a central location on campus and easy access for
those whom lived off campus.  The hall also had a computer lab that the
group could use.  In each meeting we spent approximately an hour and a
half to two hours.
	The group looked at several newspapers and article before arriving
at a final two articles.  The final article was decided  upon when we
found out that another group already had one of the articles.
	Working as a group gave us many experience.  One was how to work
around everybody's schedule to get things done.  Interaction with new and
interesting people has enlightened some of us how other people with too
much to do and not enough time get every thing done.  The members as a
whole did not study together; a common time was hard to come by.  Although
two group members did study together.
	Our group was spilt on whether or not they would like to engage
in other activities such as this.  Members felt that their time could be
better spent with studies.  Other's felt that the project opened their
eyes on how much science is in the news.  It also gave them something a
little more relaxing to do other than studies.