Group Dynamics Report

	Our group, Catch-27, has met quite often to collaborate and work
on this Chemistry 210 Project.  All of these meetings were held in the
Ellis Library, for it was the most convenient place for everyone in the
group.  They were usually held on Mondays and/or Wednesday, depending on
everyoneŐs schedule for that week, and lasted anywhere from 1-2 hours
	During our meetings, we all shared various ideas on each aspect of
the project, and then decided which idea was going to be used.  For
example, during our first meeting, everyone brought in a relevant
newspaper article they had found on the Internet.  Then, after everyone
had a chance to read through every article, we all decided on which one to
use.  In all, we had five newspaper articles on various subjects with
which to chose from.  These articles came from such newspapers as The Los
Angeles Times, The New York Times, and The Washington Post.  The articles
included topics on environmental issues, recent findings in science, and
health related issues.  We chose the article dealing with health related
issues, more specifically Rezulin and diabetes.
	This group project had a few advantages.  The most important
advantage was being able to meet a few new faces in the class that we
didnŐt know before.  These "faces" eventually became friends and study
partners.  Another advantage is that we learned more about a very serious
disease, diabetes, and learned about some of the treatments that are out
there for it. 
	Advantages often come with problems, however.  The few problems we
encountered were minor.  The biggest problem was figuring out times to
meet around everyoneŐs weekly schedules.  We found a solution, however,
and were able to meet often thereafter.  Another small problem we
encountered was gathering information after selecting a topic.  We found
the solution to that problem as well.  It turned out that the name of the
drug, Rezulin, was also Troglitazone.  Once that was discovered, we had no
problems finding information on the Internet.  We didnŐt have any really
big problems with this project, just the few small problems mentioned
	If given the chance to, we would like to engage in such group
activities again.