Our group has met approximately four times in the Gillett Residential Hall
sixth floor computer lab. The meetings lasted anywhere from one and
half-hours to three hours.  The first meeting was used to search the web
and find an interesting topic at a credible web site.  We considered many
different articles, from publications such as The New York Times,
Washington Post, USA Today, and the Chicago Tribune.  We considered two
articles from each publication and finally decided on an article from ABC
News.  The second and third meetings we used to brainstorm about our
article.  We also talked about pertinent links and possible questions for
the project.  The fourth meeting was used to putting finishing touches on
our web page and to write our "Group Dynamics" report.

The group worked well together.  We were efficient with our time use;
however, it was really difficult to coordinate the schedules of several
students.  The advantages were to learn how to collaborate and to
compromise in a group setting.  Our group benefited from working together,
in that we studied together and learned more about each other.  Our group
members decided that we would be interested in doing another project of
this type.