Group 29: Actions and Dynamics 
The members of "The Coulomb Club" had never met one another until our
first group meeting.  The group was organized by responding to e-mail
messages sent out over the class discussion list.  Our first meeting, as
well as the many that followed, were all held at Memorial Union, and was
conducted just three weeks into the semester.  Only four members were
present, one of which later dropped the class.  With just three now in the
group, a new member was brought on board.  She had belonged to another
group, which contained seven members, but conflicts of scheduling led her
to join our team.  Our final roll call consists of Sharon Teoh, Brian
Hinken, James Baker, and Thomas Mathews. 
We met at Memorial Union every Tuesday evening, and subsequently on any
other evening when everyone could be present (usually Thursday or Sunday).
On average we met 2 nights a week for 2-3 hours each session.  We began
our search for interesting articles at the library, where everyone came up
with 4-5 interesting topics from countless numbers of sources.  We then
went through each until we agreed on one topic, which we then submitted
for approval.  After the first two submissions were rejected, we finally
were approved and began to look up links for additional information.  Each
member of the group worked hard at finding information on our project.
Sharon was even able to receive information from the researcher of our
approved article.  The actual project was divided, with Thomas and Brian
working on the Editorial Comments and associated links, and James and
Sharon constructing the Problems and Answers set.  Once this had been
finished, we then exchanged the two sections, and reviewed each others
work, making additions wherever needed.  The final project was constructed
with everyone present at the computer lab, trying to figure out how to put
together a web page, as well as how to use html. We met there 2 days over
Spring break, and 3 nights the following week for ~2 hours each, until we
discovered Netscape Composer.  Once this happened, the page only took a
matter of a few hours to put together. 
Prior to Exam 1, the group had only met a couple of times, and we had not
interacted a great deal.  But by the time the second exam was taken, we
had begun work on the project, and had gotten together on several
occasions in order to study.  These study sessions were spent mainly on
going over the practice questions and tests, but sometime was also spent
discussing topics that were unclear from lectures or reading.  On many
occasions, we would begin our meetings with short discussions that did not
even relate to class work.  This might include MU basketball games, or
Thomas's stories from Malaysia. All-in-all, we became a close group that
was able to be relaxed with our discussions and listen to what each other
had to say.  This proved to be very helpful, because our scores from exam
one to exam two increased on average half a letter grade. 
In the future, we all agree that we would be willing to do group projects
on the basis that everything could go as smooth and evenly distributed as
this one did.  Everyone pitched in and helped get the project done.  Even
now that the web page has been submitted, and the stress of finishing the
project has lifted, we have agreed to continue to meet for future study