Group Actions and Dynamics

Once our group received the assignment, we went hard to work. The best way we could decide on an article was to individually research, come together, and pick the best article. We gave ourselves a week to find three articles and then meet at the library on a Saturday. There we all collaborated and decided to use "Can Foods Forestall Aging?" This article was the most interesting and exiting to us. From there, about three weeks before the project was due we met weekly to discuss what we were going to do. Therefore, we spent about an hour and a half weekly to work on the project.

Unfortunately, this was a tough experience because of all of our busy schedules. Five out or the six members work, and are taking a full semester of classes. It was extremely difficult to find a common time that we could all meet and work on the project. The project became a burden rather than a pleasant learning experience. The outside group work is a good idea but in reality it is almost impossible to coordinate six college student's schedules together and incorporate a twenty hours out of class project. The project may have been easier if perhaps, class time was given to meet and work on it.

The Fun Group did study together outside of the project, but only because we knew each other before the class. If we were paired up with random students, we do not feel that this project will have caused us to study outside of the project. Therefore, there were no benefits to this project besides learning about the oxygen radical absorption capacity assay.