Megan:  You are group 30.  "Creatively Challenged" - in the best sense -
would be a teriffic group name.  Everybody is challenged to be creative,
that's the spirit.  You want to go with it?  Best, RG.

>These are the names and email addresses of the students in the group we
>have formed.  No one has come up with a name yet.  I guess we are all
>creatively challenged this week.  I can get back to you with a name by
>Thurs. or Fri.  We wanted to be sure that you knew that we were in a
>Megan Freeman
>    Megan Freeman 
>    Mark Teeple ,
>    Charity Breheim ,
>    Kenny Chao ,
>    Jennifer Munroe ,
>    Lisa Hale