Peer Assessment of Group 30
C A T E G O R Y G21 G22 G23 G24 G25 Average
Topic Selection
20 18 18 20 15 18.2
Newspaper and Article Selection
8 7 8 9 8 8
Quality of Editorial Comments
10 8 9 9 7 8.6
Organic Chemistry Content
10 10 10 10 10 10
Selection and Quality of the Links 
19 18 20 19 17 18.6
Format, Number and Types of Questions
9 9 10 10 10 9.6
Quality of the Questions
10 8 8 9 10 9
Overall Impression 
9 8 9 9 8.5 8.7
TOTAL 90.7


Evaluation by Group 21

 (1) Topic Selection: 20 Points (0-20)
                        Very good topic having to deal with chemical technology effecting people in communities housing these plants as well as consumers who use the products produced - and who doesn't love to hear about explosions.

        (2) Newspaper and Article Selection: 8 Points (0-10)
                        Article was a little too short and not in a newspaper set up for hands on information gathering in PA.

        (3) Quality of the Editorial Comments: 10 Points (0-10)
                        Good outside information brought in from outsides sources.  Sounds like the distillation of hydroxylamine is important in many aspects and you tied all the info. together nicely.

        (4) Organic Chemistry Content: 10 Points (0-10)
                        The focused molecule is very pertinent to organic chemistry and the effects it produces on the human body were even discussed.  Organic chemistry was addressed very well.

        (5) Selection and Quality of the Links: 19 Points (0-20)
                        Good links.  Colorful and eye-catching.  Pertained to focus of paper and the links were not randomly strewn throughout paper.

        (6) Format, Number and Types of Questions: 9 Points (0-10)
                        Didn't like how answers were readily visible.  Good variety is types of questions.

        (7) Quality of the Questions: 10 Points (0-10)
                        The questions address the central topic well and are very reasonable.

        (8) Overall Impression. 9 Points (0-10)
                        Neat, clear, and I can tell a lot of work was put forth on this project.  GOOD TEAMWORK.

Evaluation by Group 22
 (1)  18 points  Article would appeal to many audiences.  The article
is clearly related to chemistry and organic chemistry.  The explosion is
strongly believed to have been caused by improper management of

(2)  7 points  The quality of the newspaper could have been better.  The
author seemed knowledgeable on the topic.  The article is within the past
year.  The article was a little on the short side in length, but it was
very interesting.

(3)  8 points  The editorial comments were well written.  They could have
been longer in length to allow for more explanation of the material.

(4)  10 points  The key organic chemical issue was made clear.  There was
sufficient background to understand the chemistry.  The important
compounds have been described and characterized sufficiently.

(5)  18 points  The links satisfy the requirements for relevance, quality
and stability.  The links are embedded very well into the editorial
comments.  The link with the pictures from the explosion was really

(6)  9 points  The required number of questions is there.  There is
variety in the questions asked.

(7)  8 points  The questions seem a bit easier than they should be if
there were to be on an exam.

(8)  8 points  This would be fit for publication after a few minor
adjustments on the editorial comments and questions.

Evaluation by Group 23

        (1) Topic Selection: 18 Points (0-20)
                         The topic relayed adequate relevence to the topic.

        (2) Newspaper and Article Selection: 8 Points (0-10)
                         The newspaper was not a very popular one though the article was both interesting and informative and was written with good indepth perception.

        (3) Quality of the Editorial Comments: 9 Points (0-10)
                         The editorial comments display sound knowledge about the article.It is written in an understandable manner.The data was well organised but was rather concise.

        (4) Organic Chemistry Content: 10 Points (0-10)
                         Good references to organic chemistry were given which in our opinion was more then sufficient.

        (5) Selection and Quality of the Links: 20 Points (0-20)
                         Yes the links do provide sufficient reference to the topic.Good organisation.

        (6) Format, Number and Types of Questions: 10 Points (0-10)
                         The question were just fine.

        (7) Quality of the Questions: 8 Points (0-10)
                         the questions were perceptive but not very interesting.

        (8) Overall Impression. 9 Points (0-10)
                         The project was well done.Good Job!

Evaluation by Group 24

 (1) Topic Selection: 20 Points (0-20)
                        The topic was interesting and relevant to how chemistry affects the real world--not to mention people's lives.

        (2) Newspaper and Article Selection: 9 Points (0-10)
                        The article was well-chosen.  It not only described the effects of the explosion, but also gave a chemical side that was well-written and clear.

        (3) Quality of the Editorial Comments: 9 Points (0-10)
                        Your comments were appropriate, although not always very detailed.  You did an excellent job of tying all the information together, though.

        (4) Organic Chemistry Content: 10 Points (0-10)
                        The topic was very relevean to organic chemistry and was certainly made clear.  You gave enough references and background information to assess the relevance to chemistry.

        (5) Selection and Quality of the Links: 19 Points (0-20)
                        The links were well placed and helpful.  We especially liked the one with the pictures of the aftermath of the explosion because they showed just how chemistry can impact the world.

        (6) Format, Number and Types of Questions: 10 Points (0-10)
                        There was excellent variety and the right number of questions.

        (7) Quality of the Questions: 9 Points (0-10)
                        The questions were clear and it is evident you put a lot of thought into them.  However, the final question could bave been a little stronger in content.

        (8) Overall Impression. 9 Points (0-10)
                        You did a wonderful job on this project--it was relevant, useful, and informative.  It's apparent that you put hard work into your project.  Good job.

Evaluation by Group 25

(1) Topic Selection: X Points (0-20)
                                                    15 points awarded. It seems like
                                                    every other day we hear about
                                                    death in the news.
                          (2) Newspaper and Article
                          Selection: X Points (0-10)
                                                    8 points awarded (Columbia
                          (3) Quality of the Editorial
                          Comments: X Points (0-10)
                                                    7 points awarded. Would have
                                                    like to seen more of the article's
                                                    chemistry "uprooted"
                          (4) Organic Chemistry Content: X
                          Points (0-10)
                                                    10 points awarded. Strong
                                                    correlation to organic chemistry.
                          (5) Selection and Quality of the
                          Links: X Points (0-20)
                                                    17 points awarded. Although a
                                                    few of the links are general, the
                                                    remaining links did a good job of
                                                    furthering the reader's education
                                                    on areas of interest.
                          (6) Format, Number and Types of
                          Questions: X Points (0-10)
                                                    10 points awarded. Questions
                                                    covered all areas.
                          (7) Quality of the Questions: X
                          Points (0-10)
                                                    10 points awarded. Good thought
                                                    provoking questions.
                          (8) Overall Impression. X Points
                                                    8.5 points awarded. Overall the
                                                    creatively challenged did a lot with
                                                    the article, however, the article
                                                    really wouldn't be one to publish.
                                      Overall Score: