The Organiphiles consisted of six members: Tim Reid, Michael
Luttrull, Christine Shank, Nick Vaughn, and Greg Mueller.  Our topic
pertained to the catalytic converter, the combustion process, and
alternatives to gasoline powered engines.  All of the pertinent
information used in the completion of our project came from the World Wide
When our group was first formed, we planned a meeting time and place to
decide on a topic.   It took approximately an hour and a half to choose a
topic, with many topics being brought up.  We finally picked one topic
from about six that were found by various members.   Everyone felt that
the topic that was chosen would make the most suitable topic for our
After we had decided on a topic, the next part was meeting to actually
convert our topic into a webpage.  We met on five separate occasions,
approximately 2 hour each to carry out the rest of the project.  Some
people searched for links on the web, others come up with a few base
editorial comments and questions, while the rest worked on the html
document itself.  We had each member focus on what they were good at to
help ensure a high quality project.  However, we tried to make sure that
everyone was involved in every aspect of the project to some extent.  
The final project, a compilation of all our ideas, fell together rather
easily.  We were all in agreement as to what our final project should look
like and the ideas flowed freely.  With the large number of ideas, some of
them didnŐt make the final cut, but the final project was still agreed
upon to be highly acceptable.
Working as a group with many talents made this project flow from beginning
to end.  Those that were strong in one area could concentrate on that
area, while others could work on other areas they excelled in.  As a
result, we ended up with what we think is a high quality project, which we
are all proud of.  
Finally, we as a group believe that this project was very beneficial in
obtaining knowledge about a particular area of organic chemistry.  We also
agree that if someone in the future took Organic Chemistry 210, that they
should partake in the same project because organic chemistry is more than
just what is in a textbook.  Organic chemistry is involved in every aspect
of life, and this project proves this.