The group actions and dynamics were awesome in Group 32.  We met about
about once a week and this past week, about 3 times.  Each meeting varied
in length between twenty minutes and four hours.  Each person had a
different assigned portion of the report, although we all helped find the
links.  We considered about three or four different articles but we
decided on the article that covered a range of topics involving our
subject.  Our group spent about two hours in the computer lab dealing with
that.  We encountered many different experiences: mostly on compromising
time schedules.  The advantages of the group project were that we met more
people to study with and we learned about our topic more in depthly.  We
all agree that this was a good experience, but some revisions may be more
helpful.  Consider having groups of 2-3 members instead of 4-5.  It was
incredibly difficult to set up meetings with 5 different schedules.  One
girl dropped the class and she was the person who had all of our phone
numbers and knew everyoneŐs face.  We also had people pick up the slack
for other people; which doesnŐt seem fair.  We believe that with a group
of 2-3 people, there would be less room for slack and you could probably
develop a closer, more trusting relationship.  We would like to do this
again but with smaller groups and maybe also evaluations within the groups
so people could receive different grades according to what their group
thought of their individual performance.