From: "James Neels" 
Date: Tue, 09 Feb 1999 09:47:28 PST
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Dear Dr. Glaser,
	I am writing to inform you of the formation of another group. 
	the group will contains, at the present moment,
	James Neels  Student # 717763
	Brain Swierczek Student # 715477
	Jason Brunton Student # 718470
	Christopher Hanson Student # 715692

	and our group name will be: Men At Work

	Thanks, James Neels

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From: "Chris Hanson" 
Subject: group 33
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 1999 18:46:57 -0600
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     Dr. Glaser--Attached to this email is group 33's  webpage written in
html and our group dynamics report written in word.   Concerning our
news item link, which we have contacted you several times about,  we have
found a permanent solution.  I contacted the NY Times and received
permission to mirror the article on another website.  The article is
unchanged, and can be found at: By placing a copy of our
news item at this site,  we have created a stable link which will allow
other people to access our  article.  Thanks for your help with this
problem. Men at Work Chris Hanson Brian Swierczek Jason Brunton James
Neels Karl Marx