Chemistry 210 Group 33—Men at Work
Group Dynamics

	Group 33, consisting of Chris Hanson, Brian Swierczek, Jason
Brunton, and Jim Neels, had a very positive experience working together.
We have met regularly to both study lecture material and complete our
group project.  All members of the group have contributed equally to the
success of the group in researching, website construction, and group
	The Men at Work have met several times throughout the course of
the semester.  Our initial meeting was held at Denny's, where we reviewed
for the first exam for several hours.  Similar study sessions were held in
preparation for the second exam.  The group also met to work on our
collaborative project.  The initial meeting was held in Chris' dorm room,
where possible topics for our project were discussed for about thirty
minutes.  After our topic was finalized, we searched for news items
independently.  Our second meeting was again held in Chris’ dorm room, and
our news item concerning thalidomide was selected from five other chiral
compounds and their related news stories.  Finding a suitable news article
concerning thalidomide was not especially difficult, as the resurgence of
this drug has been well publicized in the last year.  
After our second meeting, the group assembled at the Physics computer lab
three times to find suitable links and background information about
thalidomide.  It is estimated that this process took a total of three to
four hours.  The group then met at Brian and Jason’s apartment to evaluate
the many links and associated web pages that had been located and printed.
This meeting was a three to four hour marathon session.  We also wrote the
text of our web page at this meeting.  Our final meeting was held a few
days ago in Chris’ dorm room, and the html code was written.  We were
having problems with a few of our links (specifically our original news
item), but these setbacks were overcome with a few hours of work.
	Working with a group on this project made the task much easier.
We feel that with four group members, each person was exposed to four
times as much information as we would have found independently.  The Men
at Work have also established closer ties with one another, and we foresee
several more group meetings before the end of the semester.  Overall, we
feel very positive about the overall experience of creating our web page.