Group 34 Actions & Dynamics

	'Our Group' came together for the creation of a News Item for the
collaborative semester project. A number of obstacles and exercises stood
in the way of completing our task. The assignment seemed simple enough on
the surface. We were to create a News Item in a form that was becoming
familiar to us through online text that accompanied lectures and appeared
in the examinations. The News Items that we had been reading corresponded
with the topics discussed in class. For the project, we had to venture out
on our own to explore topics holding similar relevance to topics covered
in the textbook.
               By tapping onto the Internet, we were able to gain access
of the global events and issues that shaped the world around us. These
News Items provided grounds for researching the applied chemistry implied.
The project was a way of taking an in-depth look at topics proposed in
lecture. Selection of the topic also introduced the many resources
available in the field of organic chemistry.
	Working in a group exposed us to the ideas of dynamic interaction.
In our group of six, we were presented with the issues of time allocation,
guidelines, and deadlines. 'Our Group' was formed via e-mail with the help
of the Discussion List. Not knowing each other we had to assimilate our
working styles as well as schedules in order to accomplish the assignment.
At our meetings, held at the library, we explored our options. Each of us
presented to the others our topics of choice. In the end we decided to
present an article detailing the problems associated with pollutants that
surround a typical home. This topic was chosen for its illustration of
alkyl halides as discussed in Chapter 6 of Wade’s textbook.
	Group work allowed us to experience multiple points of view.
Individually, we had a chance to compare our ideas and perspectives to our
peers. This collaborative effort proved to be an effective tool in the
learning process. Experiences learned can be taken and used for
experiences pending.

Note: We never received contact from Rayna Clifton (695602) who appeared
on our original submittal. We wondered if she possibly joined another

Thank You.