Group Dynamics: Group 35

The Totally Organic Experience

Angela DeMeo

Times Group Met (everyone) :  1
Out of a Possible: 3 or 4

	As far as our group dynamics goes, I have to say that I am pretty
disappointed.  Yes, I understand that college kids are extremely busy and
work as well as go to school, and I of all people know this perhaps better
than most.  Despite the fact that my roommate and group partner and I work
a lot we still tried to call our group members and appoint meeting times,
but it was to no avail.  Overall, I am pretty happy with the way our
project turned out considering that our group met altogether, with every
member, a total of one time (the day before the project was due).  Over a
period of time some group members, possibly three, attempted to gather
information on our topic.  In any event, the project was interesting and I
somewhat enjoyed it aside from the hassle of trying to collaborate with
the other members.  I do not mean to sound bitter, but I am just
disappointed at the amount of time and effort lost.