Group Dynamics

	Our group met as a group on Tuesdays from 5p.m. to 6p.m. at
various locations around campus.  We met at locations such as the Black
Culture Center, Pershing Group, and Brady Commons.  In last meeting before
submitting the group project, we met for approximately 4hours to finalize
our project.  We all contributed equally amount of time and energy into
making this project a success.  We had a few bumps along the road like
arranging a time and place to meet.  Also, we lost to group member for
reasons undisclosed.  Unfortunately, our group wasn't able to meet over
spring break because we all reside in different cities and states.  Over
the break we use e-mail and to communicate and to brainstorm.
	We used all of the resource that we possible could to come up with
a topic.  It took us about 2 hours to finally agree on a particular
	Working as a group, we were able to take different concepts,
beliefs and ideas and blend them together to make our project unique.  We
also found out that we have many classes in common and form study groups
for other classes as well.  As a whole, we found the group work beneficial
and a good experience.