Group Actions and Dynamics

Benzene Boys

Group #3

Throughout this collaborative semester project, we, the Benzene Boys, found many things that will help us later in life when we will interact with other peers, in group projects. In the beginning, as we were forming groups, all of us involved knew that we would work well in a group and decided that we would be able to have a very successful project. We began by deciding on a name that would be an area of emphasis which we would want to incorporate into the project. We decided that since there were six of us, (and benzene is a six-membered ring), that we could be called the Benzene Boys.

As we began the project, we all searched for articles that could satisfy the project goals and demands. At first, we felt that since we were all interested in medicine that perhaps anaesthetics or leukemia topics would not only meet the requirements, but would be of interest to us as well. We found many articles, but none were exactly what we needed to satisfy the project, and this became our first wall in the process. For some time, we were not able to meet with our busy schedules, and soon, we were met with a deadline for our topic approval. Finally with some wonderful research by Josh, we found an article worthy of our efforts and which could satisfy all that Professor Glaser desired. This topic not only was excellent but we were interested, and thus, "Polarized Life" became our project.

As we tried to meet to finish requirements, we ran into our second wall. Many of us have very hectic schedules and found that to plan a meeting time, in which all could attend, was almost impossible. In fact, lecture, before and after organic chemistry, became one of our most productive times to accomplish and plan for our project. Through our meetings and class discussions, we thought that we were able to finish all of the necessary requirements needed at that time. We worked well together, (at those times we could meet), and when we met, we were also able to help each other in studies and work in concurrent classes.

Through this project, we learned many important and valuable things which would help us later in life. We found that it is very important to communicate and to plan around all involved in the project. It is very difficult to have all members of a group together at a specified time, but a project can still be completed with support and work from all involved, even if not at the same time. We all believe that this project benefitted us on a personal level, even if it was in minute amounts. Upon being asked whether or not we would wish to engage in another project, we unanimously agreed that not only would it be another chance to capitalize upon our previous mistakes, but also it would be a positive experience in all aspects.