Freudian Slip Group Dynamics Report

Our group was called Freudian Slip and consisted of Kim Williams, Megan
German, C.J. Roebke, Jennifer Elliott, Nathan Means, and Bonnie Taylor.
We met at Memorial Union on Sundays, Mondays or Tuesdays, whichever day
worked that week. We are all very busy and found it difficult to
coordinate our schedules.  We met anywhere from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm and
stayed at least an hour each time.  We met about six times and worked on
practice problems or the project.  
At our third group meeting, we decided on our topic.  Each of us brought
in a few possible articles and we discussed each one.  We chose the
article that we felt had chemical and practical applications.  Most group
members are interested in the medical field and therefore new stroke
therapies intrigued us.
Each member brought new information to our meetings.  We individually
searched for articles and links before our group meetings so that we could
be productive during our meetings.  Everyone's thoughts and ideas were
considered and discussed.  We are all hard workers and the workload was
shared evenly.  For example, in the computer lab, some worked on the links
while others worked on the editorial comments.
Our biggest problem was scheduling.  It was difficult to find an evening
and time that was convenient for all.  We used email to communicate about
meeting plans.  We did not experience any personality conflicts or members
who were slackers.  We were not all acquainted before this project, but we
ended up working well together.
This project was beneficial to us because we became acquainted with new
people.  Since most of our group is pursuing similar degrees, we now know
people in our future classes.  These relationships can be utilized in
future classes and projects.