Group 5, "The Organics"

Shena Latcham
Matthew S. Meyers  
Nicole Dyel  
Jessica Benes  
Mya Cross 

Group five, "The Organics" met at least once, and sometimes twice a week.
It was hard to coordinate our busy schedules so that we could meet often,
so we decided to divide up the work and then meet to discuss what we had
studied.  Each meeting between members of our group lasted approximately
one hour with at least three of the meetings lasting 2 or more hours.  Our
group met in various locations such as the library, Physics computer lab,
and at one of the memberŐs house.  

Each member of the group brought their own strengths to the project.  Some
people spent their time finding links for our news item.  Others wrote the
editorial comments and questions and some put all of the writings and
links together.  Since most of our group members are biology majors, it
was quite easy for our group to decide a topic based on medicine (Mya
joined our group late, so she just agreed to our topic).   Jessica found
the article that we chose to use after looking through a USA Today and a
St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  We came together as a group with at least two
articles a piece and ultimately decided on "Research links eating disorder
to chemical imbalance in brain" taken from the St. Louis Dispatch.

The only real trouble our group encountered was the issue of trying to get
everyone together at the same time in the same place to collaborate our
ideas.  Usually when we met, one person of the group would not be present,
but being friends, all of  the ideas discussed at the meetings would be
conveyed to the missing individuals.  We liked working on a group project
because there were many different opinions and views to add to our
project.  Our group also met with each other outside of working on  the
project to study for tests.  Several of us also have  other classes with
each other and would also meet to study for those classes.  For those of
us who did not know each other, it was a good experience to meet new
people and develop new relationships.

Overall, our group decided that we really enjoyed working a group on a
project.  Being science majors, a lot of the work we do is very
individualized, so this project added a new change of pace for us.